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News of the Weinstein Co. bankruptcy sent the internet into rejoice mode, but not solely because the one time powerful film company is crumbling. The bankruptcy also releases current and former employees from non-disclosure agreements.The Weinstein company released this statement, along with the bankruptcy news: “Since October, it has been reported that Harvey Weinstein used non-disclosure agreements as a secret weapon to silence his accusers. Effective immediately, those ‘agreements’ end. No one should be afraid to speak out of coerced to stay quiet.” Twitter took the move as a win for Weinstein’s many alleged victims of sexual misconduct and assault. Some 80 women have accused the disgraced producer of misconduct ranging from harassment to rape. One of Weinstein’s most outspoken alleged victims, Rose McGowan posted a chilling video message to Weinstein following the news of the bankruptcy – she sees this as a win. Some fans reacted to McGowan’s message with fear, cringing at her words and mannerisms – although some took the actress’s video as mocking Weinstein’s own behavior. Others agreed with McGowan’s message, also calling the demise of the Weinstein Co. a win. Weinstein has not commented on the bankruptcy or non-disclosure news about his former company, but he has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct., News Around the world presents the latest information of national, regional, and international, politics, economics, sports, automotive, and lifestyle.

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Rose McGowan declares victory over Harvey Weinstein after his company files for bankruptcy
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Rose McGowan declares victory over Harvey Weinstein after his company files for bankruptcy
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