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Harvey Weinstein and

Ben Affleck were perhaps not having their best days on Monday,

Rose McGowan seemed to reveling in their misery.

The actress,

#MeToo activist and Weinstein accuser was positively giddy about The Weinstein Company's bankruptcy filing -- and what else it unleashed -- while seemingly throwing shade at

Affleck's glorious(>ly awful) back tattoo.

After months of trying to secure new owners, The Weinstein Company officially declared itself bankrupt, fini, kaput on Monday night, but in doing so they also announced they would be releasing anyone and everyone from any nondisclosure agreements they may have signed. Those still-valid NDAs may have kept more Weinstein accusers from speaking out about any alleged sexual assaults or the coverup activities the company may have been involved in.

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Rose McGowan Sends Harvey Weinstein a Birthday Message and Shades Ben Affleck's Back Tattoo
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