Ranveer Singh: The Best Time To Be Creative

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I am getting to do loads of different things, keeping myself stimulated and challenged. I am very excited about my upcoming films.” The actor also opened up on details about Simmba, his upcoming movie with Shetty. “Sangram Bhale Rao aka Simmba... He is a cop in the film. I am really very excited about collaborating with Rohit Shetty, more than anyone else. He is the king of masala films, which are loved more than any other films. So this is something I believe I was born to do and I am looking forward to it.,” he said. In Akhtar’s Gully Boy, Ranveer is paired with young actress Alia Bhatt.

The film is based on rappers in Mumbai and their struggles. On its progress, Ranveer said: “More than half of Gully Boy shooting is complete. I will complete it in April or May, and I will immediately dive into Simmba. I am really excited about it. I will be working with Rohit Shetty for the first time in a feature film. It is a big one for me.” He also talked about fame saying, “Fame is a wonderful thing but it was never the one thing I was attracted to. I was just in love with the craft of acting. I just want to be the best actor that I want to be. Money, fame, these things just come along with it and they are wonderful, but that’s not the thing that drives me.”

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