Ranking The Worst Movie Sequels Of All Time

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Whenever a critically acclaimed movie does well at the box office, Hollywood studios are eager to throw money into a follow-up picture or even a series of sequels.

But some movie premises aren't meant to be extended.

And many, many sequels aren't executed with the thought or care of their far-superior original films, especially in series that have stretched over many years — as one sees in the chasm of quality between "The Terminator" (1984) and "Terminator Genisys" (2015).

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We adapted this ranking from our list of the worst sequels of all time, selecting the films that had a vast discrepancy in Rotten Tomatoes critic scores between their terrible sequels and great originals.

Here are 17 of the worst sequels to great movies, ranked by the increasing discrepancies in their critical reception:

17. "Friday After Next" (2002)

New Line Cinema

>Critic score:


Sequel to: "Friday" (1995) — 74%

Discrepancy: 48%

What critics said: "The jokes are sophomoric, stereotypes are sprinkled everywhere and the acting ranges from bad to bodacious." — San Francisco Chronicle

16. "Batman & Robin"

Warner Bros.

>Critic score:


Sequel to: "Batman" (1989) — 72%

Discrepancy: 62%

What critics said: "A sniggering, exhausting, overproduced extravaganza that has virtually all of the humanity pounded out of it in the name of an endless parade of stunt sequences." — Chicago Tribune

15. "The Fly II" (1989)

20th Century Fox

>Critic score:


Sequel to: "The Fly" (1986) — 91%

Discrepancy: 64%

What critics said: "It's got nothing on Cronenberg's original - or the Vincent Price classic" — Sunday Times

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