Racist ‘history’ Is Not Yet Behind Us

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Just the most ridiculous test I ever took. "Your data suggest a moderate automatic preference for African American compared to European American." Come on now. First off, for me, the whole premise was wrong. I get 2 captions, African American, and European American, white faces and colored faces, and I am supposed to categorize what is what? I sat there on the first one, and asked myself, "How in the hell am I supposed to know if the person in the picture came from Europe or Africa?" I figured out that the test was racially biased I answered to avoid the X. This is a big world, and people of all colors come from all over the place. I found the test to be racist in and of itself, by making the assumption that all the Black people are from Africa, and all the White people are from Europe. Now the test could of been going back to when humans first populated the earth....but really, I am not that old, and my reactions are based on my experience, not my ancestors experience from eons ago.

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Racist ‘history’ is not yet behind us
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