Rachel McAdams: Top 10 'Mean Girls' Quotes, Behind The Scenes Secrets Revealed! Film Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

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“You can’t sit with us!” Millions of movie-goers utter this oh-so-famous quote every day, proving that, well, >Mean Girls

did sit well with us — for an entire decade! 10 years after the teen comedy took the world by storm, the breakout hit is still a phenomenon. 

Tina Fey

Rachel McAdams

Lacey Chabert and 

Lizzy Caplan looked back on their high school years. Keep reading for their “grool” interviews!

‘Mean Girls’ Turns 10 Years Old

You better be wearing pink. Why? Because it’s Wednesday, April 30 — and on Wednesdays we wear pink!

This very special Wednesday also marks the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls. April 30, 2004 will go down as the cattiest day in history because Mean Girls hit theaters and changed the course of every teenage girl’s life forever.

To celebrate the milestone, the stars of the teen comedy spoke to the >New York Times. Tina Fey, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert, Lizzy Caplan and the creators behind the scenes recalled the best moments and the legacy of their iconic roles so get ready to have your hair full with secrets.

Did you know that the movie was originally called Homeschooled? “We were going to make it about someone who’s been home-schooled their whole lives and then has to navigate high school,” says director

Mark Waters. “Then we came up with the Africa concept, which was a real boon because we could compare the kids’ behavior to animals.”

We agree! Could you imagine the film without Katy’s (>Lindsay Lohan

) day dreams of high schoolers going wild?

The Stars Of ‘Mean Girls’ Look Back On Their Hit Comedy

Ever since the premiere, the faces of Mean Girls have gone onto bonafide superstardom.

Tina Fey, of course, spent seven seasons on sitcom 30 Rock; Rachel McAdams went onto The Notebook, Wedding CrashersMidnight In Paris and dated 

Ryan Gosling; Lizzy Caplan is currently starring in Showtime’s Masters of Sex, opposite

Michael Sheen; Amanda Seyfried took lead roles in Big LoveMamma Mia and the Academy-Award winning Les Miserables; and Lindsay Lohan became one of young Hollywood’s most sought-after starlets after making more headlines for her partying than work, but is now working again on primetime TV and just wrapped her very own docu-series Lindsay.

But before the fame, came Mean Girls. Take a look at the best moments from the casts’ perspective.

Rachel McAdams: “[The success] was surprising to me because when you’re making something, you kind of have no concept of it. But this was the script that made me call my manager halfway through and say, “I will play any part in this.” Tina hit a nerve about girl politics, but in a nonconfrontational way.”

Lizzy Caplan: “I think all girls that age are looking for their “thing.” I was fairly angsty in high school. I had my hair dyed black and was into Charles Bukowski. For the movie, I wanted to wear tons of layers and dark eye makeup. I cooked my hair, literally burned it with a flatiron to make it stick up straighter. Only now, 10 years later, has it recovered. Honestly, I had zero idea that people wouldn’t find my look in that movie very cool and kinda sexy.”

Lacey Chabert: “Probably about a hundred times a day, people will write the “fetch” line to me on Twitter.”

Rachel McAdams: “I recently stayed at a bed-and-breakfast in Europe, and the owner’s young granddaughter asked me to write down a few lines from the movie at breakfast. I was like a deer in headlights. I couldn’t remember any. And she proceeded to give me 12 direct quotes.”

Tina Fey: “It has this little net that catches girls as they pass through preteen and high school age. Girls will come up to me and say it helped them get through a terrible year.”

If you haven’t had enough Mean Girls yet, you’re in luck! The movie is heading to Broadway for an original musical. “It’s early in the process for the musical,” says Tina. “We’ve been enjoying trying to write. I wish so badly we could have had it done in some form for the 10th anniversary, but hopefully before the 15th.”

HollywoodLifers, what is your favorite part of Mean Girls? Let us know!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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