Prince Harry Accepts Posthumous Award On Behalf Of Princess Diana's HIV And AIDS Activism Work - CATEGORY Daily Report: TITLE

Prince Harry accepted a posthumous award for his mother's groundbreaking work raising HIV and AIDS awareness by Attitude magazine this evening.

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Prince Harry accepts posthumous award on behalf of Princess Diana's HIV and AIDS activism work
Prince Harry Accepts Award on Behalf of Princess Diana for Her AIDS Activism
Prince Harry Accepts an Award on Princess Diana's Behalf
'She challenged everyone!' Prince Harry accepts award on behalf of Diana for Aids work
Prince Harry Is Continuing Princess Diana's AIDS Work Legacy
Prince Harry calls for regular HIV testing as award honours Princess Diana's work in breaking down stigma
Prince Harry pays tribute to his mother Diana in accepting Attitude Legacy Award on her behalf
'Without a mask she embraced the dying': Prince Harry accepts award on Princess Diana's behalf as she graces Attitude's cover
Watch Prince Harry accept Attitude’s Legacy Award on behalf of Princess Diana
Prince Harry accepts Legacy Award on behalf of the late Princess Diana
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