Prada's Latest Collection Fuses Protest Spirit With Dashes Of Heady Glamour - CATEGORY Prime Report: TITLE

The dichotomy of taking cliched sexual tropes- the frou feathers and silken slips- of femininity and combining with the tailored masculine looks within the boudoir set prompted a sharp questioning of the perception of women. Something Prada is adept at.

For those looking for nods to trends so far emerging at this forceful week of fashion in Milan, she duly catered: over the knee boots, autumnal, Seventies hues and heritage plaids were all ticked off in this verdant exploration of feminist ideas.

It all packed serious power punch resulting in a modern rebellious beatnik spirit that had a prescient touch., set News , Photos, Profile, Video, Artist & Celebrity World complete.

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Prada's latest collection fuses protest spirit with dashes of heady glamour
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