Poundland's Poshest Items Revealed By Tatler: From Knitting Wool To Jam Jars

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Society bible Tatler has revealed a list of the poshest items you can buy from high-street store Poundland.

The last place you’d expect to bump into aristocracy, it seems there’s no shame in finding a bargain these days as the high-society magazine reveals that even Sloanes are surprisingly thrifty creatures.

In an effort to “celebrate posh frugality”, Tatler’s selection included an array of household items with a piece of interior décor topping the list. 

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A slogan plaque to decorate the well-dressed walls of your home, the magazine says the sign which reads, 'Remember as far as anyone knows, we are a nice normal family', would “hand in the kitchen, alongside cushions, mugs and aprons emblazoned with witty phrases about dogs.”

Other items also include a series of Instagram-friendly products such as Mason jars with straws to hold your raw green smoothies and glitter paint for the “Sloane who spends her summer jumping from festival to festival.”

In addition to grey knitting wool to repair your favourite jumper, Tatler also suggests picking up a Royal Mail money box.

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How to make your home a chill out zone

But this isn’t to be used for saving pennies. Instead, the magazine says it makes a great swear box.  

“Buy this – and every time someone says ‘lounge’ or ‘serviette’, make them put 50p in the tin,” Tatler writes. 

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Other unusual items include a mini screwdriver set for home repairs and a head torch which they say is “essential for “drunken midnight strolls around your estate, to make sure you don’t trip over the alpacas.”

This isn’t the first time Tatler has embraced living life on a budget though. 

Just last month the society bible pitted bargain supermarkets Lidl and Aldi against each other, comparing the prices and qualities of high-end items such as champagne, smoked salmon and steak.  

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Poundland's poshest items revealed by Tatler: from knitting wool to jam jars
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