Police: Wanted Man Claiming To Sell Magazines Door To Door In Portland Area

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PORTLAND, OR — A man claiming to sell magazine subscriptions door-to-door in Portland neighborhoods is suspected of fraud, police said Tuesday.

Lonnell Lasso, 24, is wanted on suspicion of fraud stemming from incidents in October 2017 and January 2018. According to Portland police detectives with the White Collar Crime Detail, Lasso is accused of selling magazine subscriptions for charity, with the magazines themselves purportedly being sent to well-known local nonprofits.

Victims reportedly told police Lasso wore a white dress shirt and tie during their interactions. His sales pitch reportedly began with a woe-is-me tale of hardships, which have apparently prevented him from pursuing a medical assistant degree. Somehow, the magazine subscriptions would help further his career ambitions.

Lasso reportedly claimed the subscription service was provided by a company called "P.S. Circulation L.L.C.," which detectives learned was issued a permanent injunction by the state's Department of Justice, preventing it from conducting business in Oregon.

After choosing subscriptions and the nonprofit meant to benefit, the victims were asked to sign checks payable to Lasso himself.

Police said Lasso had detailed information, including addresses and official-looking documents, making his alleged scam difficult to detect.

Police believe there may be more victims who've had interactions with Lasso, and have asked anyone who recognizes him or knows anything about these transactions to call Detective Cheryl Waddell at 503-823-0697, or email Cheryl.Waddell@portlandoregon.gov.

Additionally, the police ask the community consider the following if faced with a similar scam-type situation:

  • Know where to turn. Victims suffering a financial loss should report incidents to local law enforcement agencies and the Oregon Attorney General's Office, Department of Justice.
  • The Oregon Department of Justice has on its website information and resources available to protect consumers.
  • For more information, visit the Federal Trade Commission Scam Alert website.

Images via Portland Police Bureau

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Source : https://patch.com/oregon/portland/door-door-scammer-wanted-portland-police

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