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Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian UFC Tonight-478x270Former UFC fighter and on-air analyst Kenny Florian has been suspended by FOX Sports for essentially plagiarism.

Florian posted a breakdown of this weekend’s UFC Fight Night 81 main event between champion T.J. Dillashaw and former titleholder Dominick Cruz on In the article, Florian used martial, word-for-word, from a video breakdown by British writer Lee Wylie analyzing the boxing techniques of 1940’s boxer Willie Pep.

After it was discovered that Florian used material from Wylie, Fox Sports posted a disclaimer to the end of the article.

(Editor’s Note: Language in this breakdown borrows from written material in a video of an in-depth look at the defensive boxing prowess of Willie Pep by boxing analyst Lee Wylie. The original version of this story did not contain this credit. We regret the oversight.)

On Saturday, Fox Sports suspended Florian effective immediately for what it called “a critical oversight.”

Via @FOXSportsPR

— FOX Sports: UFC (@UFCONFOX) January 16, 2016

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Kenny Florian Suspended by FOX Sports For Plagiarism
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Kenny Florian Suspended by FOX Sports For Plagiarism
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