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by Alex Billington

December 8, 2016

Source: Twitter

Cloverfield Movie>

Paramount is hiding something. According to various sources, Paramount has scheduled a new

Cloverfield movie to open in theaters on

October 27th, 2017. The only information available is that the project is currently titled Cloverfield Movie (IMAX), meaning it will be opening on

IMAX screens next Halloween weekend. As for what exactly it is? We're not sure. Some are saying this is the new title/new release date for

God Particle, an original sci-fi movie produced by Bad Robot that was revealed earlier this year to be the follow-up to 10 Cloverfield Lane. Others are speculating that perhaps Paramount has some tricks up their sleeves, and is delaying the release of God Particle for the time being. We have to wait to find out the truth.

To clear things up - Paramount and Bad Robot coyly announced that the Cloverfield name is now simply a moniker to encompass a series of low budget, secretive films that have high concept science fiction stories – and possibly aliens. Essentially, it's a modern version of "The Twilight Zone" as each movie is meant to stand alone, but is all part of the same "series", so to say. After the success of 10 Cloverfield Lane earlier this year (originally known as The Cellar or Valencia when it was filmed), it was confirmed that a project called God Particle would be next. But the reports on this news today state that God Particle has been pulled from the 2017 schedule, which might be a proactive step in attempting to build up mystery around this next one.

God Particle is about astronauts on a space station who witness Earth suddenly disappear when someone on the planet discovers a "god particle" that sends it to another dimension (or something). They must figure out what happened and where everyone else went and how to survive. There's a slim chance that Bad Robot has secretly started working on a sequel to Cloverfield, or potentially another completely different project, but that's unlikely. It's much more likely this is their attempt at being quiet about God Particle becoming the next "Cloverfield movie" - and they haven't figured out what exactly to call it yet. Stay tuned for updates.


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