OU Football: Watch What Mike Stoops Said That Triggered These Angry Responses From Fans

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Exactly....welcome to the world of social media. Mike was correct...a team can't just show up, even in games against inferior competition and, just expect to win. However, it seems that ever since Mike returned to OU, the OU Defenses just haven't had the same impact since he became the DC and not Co DC. It did get so bad that his brother, had to send him up to the Pressbox as some players weren't appreciating his in your face style any longer. OU was once known for powerhouse Football on both sides of the ball. Just think about those Defenses of the 70s or, much more recent, the 2000s, before Mike went to Arianna. I believe a change at DC is past due and, now the OU HC doesn't have to worry about a family split if a firing took place. If there is not a very noticeable improvement in the Pass Defense, 2 Coach's heads could and should roll...speaking of Mike Stoops and Kerry Cooks. With the calibre of athletes OU has at DB, there should be 0 excuses as to why the last 2 game's, they once again look like last year's version. Even if there is much improvement, I believe it's time to hire a DC that, like the HC, is young and brilliant AND, can recruit against the likes of Clemson and Alabama and, gain their share of top HS Defensive players. Don't forget that, with the timing of Coach Stoops' retirement, Coach Riley inherited the Staff from Coach Stoops. He wasn't given the opportunity to bring in who he wanted. Hard to argue with the results on the Offensive side and, it would be great if they all did stay but, a shakeup is needed on Defense. Coach Mike was correct but, an OU Defensive Coaching Staff must NEVER be outcoached by the likes of an Iowa St Offensive Staff or, any other Staff on lesser talented teams. I'm old enough to remember what a far less talented Football team out of KU, did to not just one 2nd ranked OU team under Coach Switzer in '75 but, to a second 2nd ranked OU team a couple of years later! This loss to ISU is certainly not the worst in Sooner history but, just like those great Sooner teams under Coach Switzer, with standout, freakishly talented Defenses, who somehow lost to a much weaker opponent, didn't allow those losses to destroy the team, the current team must find it in themselves to do the same. Their pride must drive them to practice with a purpose this week and, go out Saturday and, run over the Longhorns. What better way to get things sorted, than against one of their most hated rivals for decades? If they can't get stoked to play Texas, they are doomed. Maybe they looked past Iowa St, too Texas and, got beat. They must be focused and hungry every single game and, should loOK at every opponent in a way that they never take a single one lightly.

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OU football: Watch what Mike Stoops said that triggered these angry responses from fans
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