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OCLC will lay off 27 employees at its Dublin operation in a move to readjust staffing "in line with future needs."

Tim Feran, The Columbus Dispatch

OCLC will lay off 27 employees at its Dublin operation in a move to readjust staffing in line with future needs.

Formerly known as the Online Computer Library Center, OCLC is a worldwide library cooperative used by more than 54,000 libraries in 113 countries and territories around the world.

Over the last five years, OCLC has been in a period of significant investment in new products and services, the nonprofit computer-service and research organization said in a statement. To support that investment, we have increased staffing in a number of areas and completed acquisitions to strengthen our position.

However, other staff members are not needed. As a result, 27 in Dublin will be laid off.

OCLC will offer strong support and career-transition services for those who are impacted, the statement said.

The cooperative employs 750 in Dublin and more than 1,200 worldwide.

In the aftermath of the recession, OCLC has seen many of its member libraries, particularly in the United States, struggle with severe budget cuts, which in turn have limited their use of OCLCs services.

Those unfavorable market conditions led OCLC to take steps such as selling its NetLibrary division in 2010, adding to its online services using its WorldCat bibliographic database and offering new Web-based management services.


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Source : http://www.dispatch.com/article/20150521/NEWS/305219751

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