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"It is ridiculously simple," says Voss. It's also "ridiculously effective," he says, because it helps people connect the thoughts in their head, and it signals them that you need more information.

You can also use mirroring to buy yourself extra time to think if you are surprised or unprepared.

"I was negotiating in a bank robbery one time and the bank robber out of the blue said, 'You chased my driver away.' And I didn't know anything about a driver. I knew nothing, and it really caught me off guard," says Voss. "I said, 'We chased your driver away?' He said, 'Yeah, when he saw the police he cut and run.' And he gave us a whole bunch of information about a third conspirator the we didn't even know was there," says Voss. "So, I did that when I was caught off guard. I needed a few more moments."

And always remember, negotiating is a process.

"Very few negotiations are begun and concluded in the same sitting. It's really rare," he says. In fact, "If you sit down and actually complete your negotiation in one sitting, you left stuff on the table," says Voss.

"Take your time and gather information. I had a client once tell me the other person is going to tell you way more about themselves than you could ever research and find out on your own, which speaks to taking your time a little bit, going through more than one sitting and getting a much better deal.

"So don't try to conclude your negotiations in one interaction, because you are going to leave money on the table if you do."

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