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It’s no secret that >Nicki Minaj

, 35, has been missing from the spotlight lately. But, a new report claims it’s because she’s pregnant with her first child, and >Nas

, 44, is allegedly the father. The rapper shockingly stepped out for

Beyonce‘s Oscars after-party on March 4, where Media Take Out reports she exposed her “pregnancy” in a cream-colored gown. The site claims to have had multiple sources inside the party that confirmed the news. However, the site also claimed earlier this year that Nicki was in hiding because she was allegedly in rehab for a Percocet addiction. Nicki and Nas have yet to address the pregnancy reports. >Click here to see the photos


While many have shipped a relationship and baby between Nicki and Nas, it’s unclear if these two are even communicating at the moment. The pair reportedly split back in January 2018, after pregnancy rumors swirled then for the first time. Nicki even addressed the baby reports on Twitter, asking fans to choose between music and a baby. She tweeted, “Y’all want the album or the baby? Cuz ch- y’all ain’t bout to get both”. One fan asked, “Can’t we have both the album and the baby?” to which Nicki replied, “From WHO?!?!!!!!!!”. As fans pressed her for new music and a baby, Nicki continued to hit back with questions about how it would even be possible. “Album now, baby next year,” one fan said. Nicki hit back with, “And who’s gonna tour the album ma’am?” Nicki went on the shut down the rumors even more saying, “Btch I’m not waddling across nobody stage talking bout feelin myself I’m feelin myself I’m feelin my feelin my….”

Nicki and Nas fueled romance rumors when they displayed major PDA at his 44th birthday party in New York City in September 2017. Watch it for yourself, below!

Nicki and Nas — who were first romantically linked in Spring 2017 —reportedly split in early 2018 after seven months of dating. In May of 2017, Nicki admitted to 

Ellen DeGeneres that she and Nas had been having sleepovers. However, Nicki also revealed they hadn’t actually slept together at that point because she was trying to be celibate for a year. There was no confirmation on if she kept her word on that celibacy pledge., index latest News this day of events, accidents, crime, law, News unique, Politics, and special reports on the world and International.

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