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Nicki Minaj and Nas have split up before ever confirming they were an item. The pair stirred rumors of a romance when Minaj posted a photo of her and Nas cozying up together in May. But now that’s no more and an insider tells UsWeekly why.

“Nicki and Nas fizzled out,” a source explained Friday, Jan. 5. “They were never in the same place at the same time, so it was hard to move their relationship forward.”

Yet, the pair didn’t end their seven-month relationship on bad terms.

“They still remain friends,” the insider added.

Minaj never publicly acknowledged she was dating Nas, who became her boyfriend after her split with fellow MC Meek Mill. However, she did say the pair had sleepovers — even though she was celibate.

“He’s so dope,” Nicki told “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” last year. “He’s the king. … I have a lot of respect for him. And, you know, he’s kind of cute, too.”

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Later, rumors of a relationship went into overdrive when the “MotorSport” rapper showed up at Nas’ birthday party last year (he returned the favor last month for hers). They also got cozy on Instagram, where they were caught smooching when Nas turned 44.

But Minaj may not be lonely for long.

Rapper Stevie J posted a photo of Minaj on Instagram sans caption, but it led many fans to believe he was shooting his shot at her. As of now, however, Minaj hasn’t responded.

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