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>Niall Horan

, 22, has reportedly been on the brink of launching a mega solo deal with Syco Music. But Niall, what about One Direction? While the famous boyband has been on a “hiatus,” some have been alleging that the band is officially breaking up and Niall’s solo gig would seal the deal for good. SO many rumors, right? Well Niall has finally spoken out about his musical endeavors, laying it all out for fans and explaining why he’s been in the studio so much lately. And trust us, it’s probably not what you think!

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“Yeah, I’ve just been in the studio, nothing sneaky, nothing in particular going on,” Niall casually said, according to >Sugar Scope. “Writing is always something I’ve enjoyed, as you know, and I’ve written with a few of the lads I’ve made relationships with down the years.” Basically, Niall is telling everyone to chill out — there is apparently NOTHING shady going on.

“So, I’ve been able to call up someone, ‘Do you wanna write? Yeah, cool,  let’s go in the studio and write.’ Not particularly writing for anything but just having a bit of a laugh really,” the singer added. So there you go, case closed!

Niall just likes to write and mess around. But we do find it hard to believe that nothing will come of these musical sessions EVENTUALLY. After all, Niall IS known by some as “One Direction’s secret weapon.”

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And as previously reported, the blonde has in fact been hitting the studio with >Wayne Hector 

— who also happens to be the man behind 1D hits like “Best Song Ever” and “Little White Lies.” So we can only imagine what kind of magic is happening behind closed doors in that studio!

“We are writing together, but he wants to do it for himself and not other people at the moment,” Wayne explained to the >Daily Star. “We have no idea where we will end up. Niall wants to enjoy time off.” Hmm, looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see where One Direction officially stands as a group!

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Niall Horan Breaks Silence On Solo Career Rumors: Is He Really Leaving One Direction?
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