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“The Dinner” (Lionsgate DVD, $19.98; Blu-ray, $24.99; also available on VOD)

Herman Koch’s bestselling 2009 novel “The Dinner” has already been made into movies in Dutch and Italian, and now gets an English-language adaptation courtesy of writer-director Oren Moverman. Richard Gere and Steve Coogan costar as estranged brothers who meet for a meal with their wives (played by Rebecca Hall and Laura Linney), where they have an uncomfortable conversation about a crime committed by their children and whether they should tell the truth about what happened. The script is over-explanatory and relies too much on flashbacks, but the cast is excellent in long scenes together at the dinner table, hashing out a tough moral dilemma. As he showed with his films “The Messenger” and “Rampart,” Moverman has a feel for stories that straddle the line between social realism and genre fiction.

Special features: A Moverman/Linney commentary track

Richard Gere as Stan Lohman and Rebecca Hall as Katelyn Lohman in "The Dinner."
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New video: 'The Dinner' features a top-notch cast tackling uncomfortable subjects
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