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Mutare — President Emmerson Mnangagwa should first make peace with Zimbabweans, particularly with families of people he called cockroaches during Gukurahundi disturbances before reaching out to the international community, MDC leader has said.

Welshman Ncube made these remarks while addressing an MDC Alliance rally held at Chisamba Grounds in Sakubva in the eastern border city on Sunday.

Ncube's party is part of the MDC Alliance, a loose coalition of seven political parties which signed a pact to wrestle power from ruling Zanu PF in the forthcoming polls scheduled for July this year.

"Before he goes to Europe to beg money from whites he must first make peace with us. Because the votes he has stolen, the people he has skinned and the intimidation they have done, they have been against us as people of Zimbabwe.

"Solve your problems first here," said Ncube amid thunderous applause for the bumper crowd which braved the scotching heat to attend the rally.

Ncube said Mnangagwa should come and make peace with the families of people he called cockroaches during Gukurahundi disturbances in Midlands and Matebeleland.

"When he has made peace with us and address problems which were caused by himself and the ruling junta he can go and talk to the rest of the world. For now he not qualified to do that," he said.

He said 2018 was the last chance for the people of Zimbabwe to dispose the junta from power.

"If we fail this time around, junta is here for a long long time. The helicopters you see hovering above will rule you and rule you, said Ncube.

He said the Mnangagwa and Chiwenga military junta in power did not start their coups when they disposed President Robert Mugabe in November last year but in 2008 when they denied MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai from taking power after trouncing their leader.

"We must never forget about the military junta in power today. The Mnangagwa, Chiwenga, Moyo, Rugeje etc did not start their coups on Mugabe but they conducted their first pre emptive coup on Tsvangirai in 2008.They imposed Mugabe after he lost the polls. November 27 last year they removed their puppet and impose themselves," he said.

Ncube said defies logic to give Mnangagwa and Chiwenga last chance in power since they had ample time in office since their first coup against Tsvangirai.

"They don't deserve another chance. With these series of coups, beating and killings of people thus were the problems of Zimbabwe are not in Davos. The problems of Zimbabwe are in this country not elsewhere," said Ncube.

Speaking on the same event, Zinasu President Archibald Madida said President Emmerson Mnangagwa administration was rewarding corrupt people and youths should come out in their numbers to vote for jobs, decent living and grants to pursue their studies.

"The Mnangagwa administration has nothing to offer. They are busy rewarding corrupt people as youths lets go and vote for jobs, decent living and grants to pursue our education," said Madida.

MDC Alliance Commander, Happymore Bvondo said the 2018 general election was only the bullet left to salvage the Zimbabweans from the current economic quagmire.

He said as youths they were against the military junta for looting the country's natural resources for the personal gains.

"2018 general election is our last bullet. Zanu PF may try to use Tsvangirai's health on social media as their election trump card bit the truth is the vision to a new Zimbabwe will never die. Morgan is the hope and future of the country," said Bvondo, adding that the current administration is 'illegitimate', set News , Photos, Profile, Video, Artist & Celebrity World complete.

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