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The recent visit by President Munangagwa and his deputy at Morgan Tsvangirai's residency in the full glare of the media was just a desperate measure.Here is a coup architect and the villain turned hero Emmerson Dambudzo Munangagwa, who is now occupying the highest office in the land.Is it really necessary to bring a contigent of media people on a visit to a sick person?This is only necessary to someone who is so desperate for people to view him as a caring leader.The MDC-T leader has been ill for quite some time and they never bothered to visit him.

Why the visit now all of a sudden? If one could trace paths of detectors worldwide you will come across images of them with children from poor societies,sporting teams so that they can be accepted.

Iraq,s late detector Saddam Hussein posed many times with Iraq people trying to wood wink the world yet behind that photo mug he committed atrocities on his people.The list could go on .This is a desperate junta trying by all means to be accepted as well as be retained in the coming elections.

Please, Mr President, don't use Save's illness to your advantage. Zimbabweans are so gullible that this hypocrisy will be seen for what it is not.Some  will see through your eyes that you are playing to the gallery. You know you are unelectable in a free election ,that one is a fact hard to swallow for you. In Kwekwe were you unleashed terror you failed to beat Chebundo who won while in hiding from your thugs ,so what more in a bigger constituency?

Is it not ironic that you are nicknamed the Crocodile and now you show up with your crocodile tears.?Spare Zimbabweans this drama and fix what your party  Zanu pf brought upon Zimbabwe.

I always ask myself when you leaders visit other countries like South Africa were you sought sanctuary do you have any conscience at all seeing those beautiful roads and a vibrant economy? It is like you want power but don't know what to do with it.

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Mnangagwa don't use Tsvangirai's illness to your advantage
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