Mercedes AMG GT R Sets New 'Ring Lap Record* - CATEGORY News update: TITLE

"Didn't the Affalterbach supercar >set a 7:10 Ring time last year?" the track addicts among you might ask. That is correct, but we'll remind you that the said stopwatch number came from independent testing, having been set by Sport Auto.

Sure, the German publication is a respected source for unofficial Ring lap times, but its times are considerably behind the official numbers, with the latest example of this coming from the magazine's 7:18 Porsche 911 GT3 lap (we'll remind you that the factory time for the 991.2 GT3 sits at 7:12.7).

We didn't mention Zuffenhausen's name by accident, as the Porsche crest and the three-pointed star are engaged in a more or less official Nurburgring battle.

While the production car record is now in the hands of McLaren partner Lanzante Motorsport (remember the P1 LM's stunning 6:43.2 lap?), this battle concerns the pair of Stuttgart neighbors.

Sure, the GT R currently holds the "title", but with the latest rumors talking about the 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS being ready to deliver a sub-7m lap, the Merc must make further efforts.

While some car nuts out there are more interested in the overall driving experience than the Ring numbers, the sheer idea that Mercedes-AMG has marketed the GT R as the Beast of the Green Hell

Interestingly, the 991.2 GT2 RS is also testing on the infamous German circuit these days (here's the most recent sighting of the rear-engined devil) and we can talk about the first battle. So you should be surprised if, one of these days, you wake up to a monstrous announcement coming from the Ring., index Latest News of business criminal law politics soccer sports celebrity lifestyle video images in the world and the world today.

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