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Megyn Kelly, 46, is under major heat for “giving a voice” to known conspiracy theorist 

Alex Jones, 43. Not only does the far-right internet-news-show host believe 9/11 was an “inside job,” he also happens to think the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings were “completely fake” and “manufactured.” Let’s not forget that the December 2012 tragedy resulted in the murders of 20 elementary-school students and six teachers/administrators. The fact that Megyn is giving Alex a spotlight on her show, has rubbed MANY people the wrong way — especially the parents of Sandy Hook victims.

“Every week. 5 years later. Still harrased by truthers. You do NOT give crazy a platform. You’re better than this @nbc,”

Nelba Marquez-Greene, whose six-year-old daughter,

Anna Grace, was killed in the massacre, tweeted on June 11. The grieving mother noted on social media that the interview is scheduled to run on Father’s Day, June 18, when “#SandyHook grieving dads will go to the cemetery.” “Shine light on truth, love and hope,” Nelba tweeted in her passionate and lengthy rant. “Hate and evil doesn’t need another platform.” Kelly, on the other hand, has defended her decision to interview Alex, saying that President

Donald Trump has praised Alex and has even been on his show. “Many don’t know him; our job is 2 shine a light,” she responded.

Megyn specifically replied to Nelba and her many angry tweets by tweeting back, “It was a riveting exchange. Promise you that.” Nelba responded, “I promise you it’s not riveting. How you you feel if someone shot your kids, some fool said it wasn’t true- and I gave him a show?”

Chelsea Clinton, 37, agrees with Nelba. “There is no justification for amplifying lies (or a liar), particularly about unimaginable tragedy,” the former First Daughter tweeted. “I hope no parent, no person watches this.”

Next Sunday, I sit down with conservative radio host @RealAlexJones to discuss controversies and conspiracies #SundayNight June 18 on NBC

— Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly) June 11, 2017

You do not "shine a light" on someone with such dangerous ideals and ideas. Shine a light on the parents, siblings and their journeys.

— Nelba Márquez-Greene (@Nelba_MG) June 12, 2017

It's a miracle no #sandyhook parent has ended their life yet. The loss of a loved one and the constant harrasment is too much. @megynkelly

— Nelba Márquez-Greene (@Nelba_MG) June 12, 2017

Here you go @megynkelly – her name is Ana Grace Márquez-Greene. Say her name- stare at this & tell me it's worth it. @nbc #SandyHook

— Nelba Márquez-Greene (@Nelba_MG) June 12, 2017

I promise you it's not riveting. How you you feel if someone shot your kids, some fool said it wasn't true- and I gave him a show?

— Nelba Márquez-Greene (@Nelba_MG) June 12, 2017

In a clip from Megyn’s controversial interview, the NBC journalist can be seen asking Alex about the Sandy Hook massacre. Alex defends himself by criticizing the media’s coverage of war, to which Kelly responded, “That doesn’t excuse what you did and said about Newtown, you know it.” Alex initially argued that the government was behind the murders, but later amended that conspiracy and now believes there were no deaths at Sandy Hook and the victims were played by child actors.

Some viewers are even calling for a boycott of NBC over Megyn’s upcoming interview. “Megyn Kelly, I pray you never know it pain [sic],” Nelba also wrote. “I am asking you to be the woman you would need if our roles were reversed. You have the choice to do the right thing.”

Tell us,

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