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Lawyers for jailed rapper Meek Mill asked the judge who sent him there to take herself off the case Tuesday because of a series of statements that pushed ethical boundaries, court records show.

They want a new judge to reconsider Judge Genece Brinkley’s decision last week to send Mill, 30, to state prison for up to four years for probation violations.

“Last week's hearing was a farce. It was a miscarriage of justice that lacked any semblance of fairness,” said Mill’s Philadelphia-based lawyer Brian McMonagle.

“Today we have asked this judge to step aside and allow another jurist to right this wrong and bring this man home to his friends and family.”

Meek Mill lawyer says judge asked him to record a song for her

Gabe Roberts, a courts spokesman, declined to comment because it's still in litigation.

Mill is in solitary confinement and locked in his cell 23 hours a day in Camp Hill state prison near Harrisburg. 

Mill has been on probation for almost a decade for a 2008 gun and drug conviction. 

Judge Genece Brinkley is under scrutiny after sending rapper Meek Mill to state prison for up to four years. 

Judge Genece Brinkley is under scrutiny after sending rapper Meek Mill to state prison for up to four years. 


He was arrested in March after he got into a fight in St. Louis and busted in August in New York for popping wheelies on a dirt bike. The New York case was dismissed and the St. Louis case was disposed of in exchange for Mill doing community service. 

Meek Mill gets 2-4 years in prison for violating probation

Brinkley said the rapper also failed a drug test and claimed he didn’t get her OK to leave Pennsylvania.

“I’ve been trying to help you since 2009,” Brinkley told Mill at the sentencing. “You basically thumbed your nose at me.”

Though the prosecutor and the probation officer recommended no jail time, Brinkley ignored them.

Mill's lawyers allege she came up with more allegations “from the judge's own memory.” She also personally visited a community service site where Mill was serving the homeless in 2016. That move made her into a witness in the same case she was presiding over, the motion said.

Rapper Meek Mill takes deal after bike wheelie stunt

In February 2016, Brinkley invited the rapper and then-girlfriend Nicki Minaj into chambers without lawyers and suggested he record a cover of a Boys II Men song and mention the judge. Mill refused, and Brinkley replied, “Suit yourself.”

Protestors rally at the Free Meek Mill Rally at the Criminal Justice Center.

Protestors rally at the Free Meek Mill Rally at the Criminal Justice Center.

(Ricky Fitchett/

They accused her of trying to keep those statements off the record so they couldn't challenge her on them. Part of that involved encouraging Mill to go back to his old manager.

“Brinkley has repeatedly suggested to him that he break his contract with Roc Nation and return to his prior management with Charlie Mack,” the motion said.

Mill’s New York-based lawyer Joe Tacopina declined to comment on reports that the FBI was probing Brinkley’s handling of the case.

Meek Mill supporters rally against probation case in Philly

A 2014 transcript shows an exchange between Brinkley and prosecutor Noel DeSantis in which it emerged that Brinkley allowed Mill to meet with Mack even though he is a convicted felon, TMZ reported. Such a meeting would have violated Mill’s terms of probation without the judge’s waiver.

Brinkley also made a series of personal comments directed at Mill in open court, according to the motion filed Tuesday. “Talk about your fans being disappointed, how about me?" she said in 2014. "How about me after doing all I've done for you?"

On Nov. 6, she said Mill could be “greater than Jay Z,” and claimed credit for noticing that potential "back in 2009." Overall, the lawyers argued, "Each of the instances reveal a pattern of extrajudicial, personal and injudicious conduct … warranting the recusal."

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