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Bottom line-nobody really knows what color Cleopatra was, but the real reason that black folks tend to be up in arms about casting choices like this is because Hollywood always has to whitewash everything-that is, white people throughout Hollywood history have always been casting in the leading roles whether the person they were playing was actually white or not. As a poster said in an earlier post, why is everyone who posted here gotten so upset at the thought that Cleopatra could have been black-the reality is is that the modern racial catagories we're boxed ourselves into over the last 400 hundred years today didn't even exist in Cleopatra's time-so yeah she may have been considered black back then, but not by today's racial standards. BTW, I saw a pictures at an Egyptian museum showing the daily lives of some Egyptians, and they were depicted as BROWN-SKINNED people, straight-up. And, FYI, there ARE mixed black people who look just as white as any white person around–who's to say Cleopatra wasn't? And why the hell is it so difficult for white people to believe that people in ancient Egyptian civilizations probably didn't look like them-why do you always have to literally "whitewash" history, as if nobody BUT white people could have made history in the first place? What proof do you have that they weren't? I mean,damn, there are people to this day who have a hard time admitting that Obama is black, as if his having a white mother somehow cancels out his blackness, which is some stupid BS. As far as I'm concerned, white folks have erased so much of black folks' hostory in this country until it isn't funny. Look at the AIRBENDER movie, which, even though it's set in a world of Asian people, STILL gets cast with only white folks in the lead. Look at the gambling film 21, which was actually supposed to be about the 3 young Asian-American college students and a white students who learned how to beat the casino system, but they threw a white guy in the lead, therefore "whitewashing" his story and altering it. After uncovering so much black history that wasn't taught to me in school over the years, I'm pretty skeptical of white folks claiming, "SO-and-so wasn't really black, they were really this-and-that"-get the hell off that–Cleopatra IS black–y'all just don't want to admit it! And hell,yeah, Thandie Newton should be playing, not Jolie-she gets enough damn roles as it is!, Forum discussion and sharing News from home and abroad. Starting from the ideological, political, economic, social and cultural.

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Backlash over Angelina Jolie as Cleopatra
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