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Bajaj Pulsar's next & #BANNER1 & # TVC may be made out of O&M, although it is too soon to say that with certainty. Lowe, O&M and Leo Burnett are the three agencies that are on Bajaj Auto's panel for its motorcycles. "It is more like a project based structure," explains S Sridhar, vice-president, marketing, Bajaj Auto.

As standard procedure, Bajaj Auto reviews its advertising duties every six months to a year. Two factors prompt this review - if the company has upgraded a certain product (which generally happens in six months), or if a new product has been launched. Then, all three agencies are briefed by Bajaj Auto on the research that it has conducted on the brand, the data it has collected and the parameters for the creative strategy. The three agencies then make presentations and the one with the best idea makes the next campaign for that brand.

Well, what's the occasion this time? Bajaj Pulsar is going to upgrade itself in a few months. All three agencies were briefed on the upgrading. They were also briefed on a new model, the Bajaj Pulsar DTS-Fi, and a new product, the Bajaj Crystal, both of which will be out in the market soon. (Both new products were showcased at the Auto Expo held in New Delhi in early 2006.)

It is believed that while O&M and Leo Burnett have already made their presentations for the three motorbikes, Lowe is still to make its presentation.

Sridhar tells agencyfaqs!, "We have not yet concluded which agency will handle the next campaign for Pulsar, or the other two models."

"A decision will be taken later this week," he says.

At present, Lowe handles most of the Bajaj portfolio, with brands such as Avenger, Discover, CT-100, Platina and Wind 125 in its kitty.

On the other hand, while Leo Burnett had been handling Pulsar so far (as mentioned earlier), O&M hasn't handled any Bajaj brand for the past one year. Before that, O&M worked on the launch campaign for Bajaj Pulsar ('Definitely Male') and a few ads for Bajaj Discover.

So, if O&M ends up clinching the presentation, it will get a second chance to work on the Pulsar.

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Bajaj reviews agencies for the next Pulsar TVC
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