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There is a new resource for people receiving money from the Las Vegas Victims Fund, which raised $31 million dollars for 1 October shooting victims and their families. 

The Las Vegas Survivors Project aims to give financial advice to people who get money from the fund. Dozens of financial planners from across the country have signed on to help victims and their families by giving free guidance. 

"People find themselves in a situation where, 'I've got x amount of dollars, I need to make it work for me, I need to make it last, I need to make the most of it,'" Greg Phelps said. "This is really just all about providing free advice and planning help." 

Phelps is a financial adviser at Redrock Wealth Management in the West Valley. He jumped at the opportunity to join the project, not just because it's a good cause, but because he is a 1 October survivor, too. 

Phelps was at the Route 91 Harvest Festival with his wife and his mother when the shooting started. 

"There was a lot of confusion, an extreme amount of chaos ... and my wife, my mom and I are just happy to be breathing the air every day," he recalled. 

He said joining the Las Vegas Survivors Project will help people who weren't as lucky, while helping him heal. 

"I feel like it's a big part of my personal healing process, because now there's something that I have that I can add value to somebody's life," Phelps said. 

A list of financial advisers involved in the project and more information on it is available on its website:

There's a new resource for #1October victims and families of victims who will receive money from the Las Vegas Victim's Fund. Learn more about the LV Survivors Project on @FOX5Vegas at 6:00

— Eric Hilt FOX5 (@ericmhilt) March 14, 2018

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Las Vegas Survivors Project aims to help 1 October victims and their families with finances
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