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Fashion designer Pamella Roland’s eponymous line might take her around the world, but she always comes back to Chicago.

Pamella Roland

Pamella Roland

Things are coming full circle for the non-stop Pamella Roland: Hot off the runway of her Spring 2018 show—where Grace Kelley and a recent trip to the Grand Prix served as inspiration—Roland returns to Chicago as an honoree at the 62nd annual Gold Coast Fashion Award Show, the much-heralded showcase featuring up-and-coming designers vying for the coveted Gold Coast Fashion Award, which Roland won in 2003.

Nearly fourteen years later, Roland’s passion for both Chicago and fashion continues to run deep. The talented designer dishes on her fall bucket list and more with Michigan Avenue.

This year, you’re being honored at the 62nd annual Gold Coast Fashion Award Show sponsored by Lurie Children’s Hospital. In 2003, you were the winning GCFAS designer. How has your work changed since then?

PAMELLA ROLAND: When we first won Gold Coast Award, we were only two years old, so we have changed quite a bit since then. We now have a better understanding of what our customers want. With our business becoming more international, we are having to evolve our designs while staying true to our brand DNA.

You’ve said Chicago is your favorite city, and you have a home in River North. How does being here influence your designs?

PR: As a designer you're inspired by everything around you, including where you live. As much as I take inspiration from art or beautiful places around the world, most often my inspiration comes from home. Quite often it's the little things, like a walk in the garden or a beautiful sunset that spark my creativity the most.

We can’t talk about Chicago without mentioning its unpredictable weather. How do you combat that while still looking chic?

PR: Our atelier is based in NYC, so like in Chicago, the weather can be very unpredictable, but that's often half the fun. We always have great coats in our fall line, which is an absolute must in Chicago, Michigan and NYC.

What's on your fall bucket list?


As a Cubs fan, I am always excited to attend as many games as possible during the season, so that is always at the top of my bucket list. Also, no holiday is complete without attending the Joffrey Ballet’s interpretation of The Nutcracker.

What’s next for your brand


PR: We are constantly evolving and looking for new and exciting ways to expand the business. Guess you will have to stay tuned to find out what's next!, Site News current daily serving News today and the latest news about politics until News lifestyle and sport.

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