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When it comes to her daring style and attitude dating back to 1999’s “Kaleidoscope” and comparisons to Rihanna, Cassie and other new generation female artists, Kelis says she expects them to copy… “The only other person I would give credit before me is Pepa. Other than that, I expect them to copy me,” Kelis told HoneyMag in a recent interview when asked about Rihanna and Cassie rocking half shaved heads. “What else are they supposed to do? They’re young. God bless them.” While Kelis is on track to release a new album, which likely comes with a new look, the “Acapella” singer has no plans to join the aforementioned she calls “duplicates”. “At the end of the day, everyone is just waiting for someone to do something new and if it’s generally me, then I’ll take that responsibility.” As previously reported, Kelis has signed a deal with Will.I.Am Music/Interscope, with plans to release a new album early 2010., set News, Photos, Profile, Video, Artist & Celebrity World complete.

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Kelis Talks Rihanna, New Generation ‘Expect Them To Copy’
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