Karlie Kloss Was Told She Was Too Fat And Too Thin For The Fashion Industry

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Karlie Kloss has heard it both ways from the fashion industry -- she's too fat and she's too skinny.

Both of those statements once happened in the same day!

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The model spoke to Hearst chief content officer Joanna Coles at a Cannes Lions conversation and said she wished that clothing designers made clothes for different shapes and varieties of women.

"I was called both too fat and too thin by a casting agent on the same day," she said, according to the New York Post.

Karlie, who formerly modeled for Victoria's Secret, considers herself as a survivor for making it in the industry by not necessarily focusing on her weight, but rather on her health and strength.

"I don't want to please anyone but myself," she said.


While she said she loves fashion, Karlie, who attends classes at NYU, said that it's not really her passion.

"At my core, I am totally a nerd. I love understanding how things work," she said, adding that computer science "is not the sexiest thing," but, "I am so passionate about it, and it is genuine."

Still, she's dipped her toe pretty deeply in the fashion world. In April 2015 she launched the Forever Karlie collection for Frame Denim.

"I have always been in search of jeans that are long enough, and if I found ones that were long enough, they didn't fit in the right places," she told Teen Vogue of her denim woes. "My sisters are tall, but we all have different body types. I used to steal my older sister's jeans because they were longer, but they'd be, like, three or four sizes too big. I would fold them in at the waistband, safety-pin them, and put a belt on top ... and they were still baggy in the butt and the legs! I just complain all the time about being tall. It's terrible!"

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Karlie Kloss was told she was too fat and too thin for the fashion industry
Karlie Kloss Was Told She Was 'Too Fat' & 'Too Thin' By Casting Agents — ON THE SAME DAY!
Karlie Kloss was called both 'too fat' and 'too skinny' in the same day
Karlie Kloss: Fashion industry thinks I’m too fat and too thin
Karlie Kloss Was Called "Too Fat and Too Thin" By a Casting Agent on the Same Day
Karlie Kloss was once told she was 'too fat' and 'too skinny' by a casting agent on the same day
The Story of When Karlie Kloss Was Told She is 'Too Fat' and 'Too Thin' in The Same Day
Karlie Kloss Was Called "Too Fat" and "Too Skinny" By Fashion Folks on the Same Day
Karlie Kloss was called 'too fat' and 'too thin' on same day by the same casting agent
The Story of When Karlie Kloss Was Told She is 'Too Fat' and 'Too Thin' in The Same Day
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