Karlie Kloss Says The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Is 'Still Relevant' In The

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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has been bringing gorgeous, lingerie-clad supermodels to the catwalk for more than two decades. The yearly spectacular has become synonymous with sex appeal, with the fanciful designs getting more elaborate each year. While some have knocked the brand for being behind on the size-inclusivity conversation happening in the fashion industry, others feel the stable of VS models are inspirational and project a fantasy. But in the #MeToo and Time’s Up environment is the show still relevant? If you ask Victoria’s Secret model Karlie Kloss, it is.

“A show like Victoria’s Secret is so relevant in the world we live in today,” Kloss told >The Telegraph. “There’s something really powerful about a woman who owns her sexuality and is in charge.”

Kloss, who returned to the VS Fashion Show runway last year in Shanghai after a two year hiatus, said she loves that the event focuses on celebrating empowered women.

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“A show like this celebrates that and allows all of us to be the best versions of ourselves. Whether it’s wearing heels, make-up or a beautiful piece of lingerie — if you are in control and empowered by yourself, it’s sexy,” she explained. “I personally love investing in a powerful scent or piece of lingerie, but I ensure it’s on my terms. I like to set a positive example, so would never be part of something  I didn’t believe in.”

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Kloss continued: “Women who have confidence and sensuality but in a much more mysterious way is something I find really attractive. When a women has confidence and is self-knowing, there is nothing she can’t achieve.”

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Last year, Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima sparked rumors that she could be retiring her wings when she wrote a message on Instagram saying that she would no longer “take off her clothes for empty causes.”

Many thought that meant she could be parting ties with the lingerie brand, but a rep for the model confirmed to PEOPLE that she would not be leaving any time soon and will continue to spread the message of female empowerment.

“As Adriana mentioned in her post she received a recent offer where she was not aligned with the direction,” a rep for the model told PEOPLE. “Adriana is blessed to be able to work with all of the brands she does including Victoria’s Secret.”

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