Karisma Kapoor: ‘It’s A Myth That Kapoor Bahus Do Not Work In Films’

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MUMBAI—Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor says people have a misconception that the Kapoor family is too traditional to allow their daughters-in-law to work in films.

"I think it is a myth that Kapoor bahus (daughters-in-law) do not work. Whether it is my mother (Babita, wife of Randhir Kapoor) or Neetu (Kapoor – Rishi Kapoor's wife) aunty, they made a choice of not working after marriage and having children.

"On the other hand, Jennifer (Kendal – wife of Shashi Kapoor) aunty and Geeta (Bali – first wife of Shammi Kapoor) aunty worked throughout, even after marriage. So we all practiced our choice," said Karisma Kapoor at The India Today Conclave 2018 here on Mar. 10.

Her sister, and the granddaughter of iconic filmmaker Raj Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor said: "Also, I think our parents were very cosmopolitan. They did not stop us from doing what we wanted to. My father was very supportive. Though he did not recommend us to any producer, he always encouraged us to fly."

Remembering their childhood, Karisma Kapoor said: "Every weekend when we used to go to Chembur to meet our grandparents, by crossing our R.K. Studio, we used to get fascinated seeing how many talented people are there in our family, bringing out some of the fine films. We always wanted to be a part of this journey and contribute to our cinema."

Kareena Kapoor said she was obsessed with actresses Madhuri Dixit and late actress Sridevi. "I used to perform on their dance numbers in front of the mirror a thousand times as a child. I was like 'I want to go out there, and dance on ‘Ek Do Teen’; why am I inside the room?’"

Remembering Sridevi, Karisma Kapoor said: "When we got to know about Sridevi's demise, we were in grief, and that was obvious. We idolized that icon for decades and all of a sudden she is no more. I think we all know this for a fact that stardom is not forever, it goes away."

Asked about their favorite movie of Sridevi, they both said it was "Khuda Gawah," and they watched it together in theatre eight times.

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Karisma Kapoor: ‘It’s a Myth That Kapoor Bahus Do Not Work in Films’
Karisma Kapoor: It is a myth that Kapoor bahus do not work
Karishma Kapoor: Kapoor bahus do not work in films is a myth
Kapoor bahus do not work in films is a myth: Karisma
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