June 23rd Is National Pecan Sandy Day

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The foodies sure have a sweet event coming up and not even the hard-to-crack pecan nut can stop that. June 23rd is National Pecan Sandies Day for foodies and sweet-toothed alike. Celebrate with a bite or two and have a sweet nuttin’ experience.


There is no definite history for this cookie holiday. Maybe it all started with an event for selling their cookies and stuff, but this has certainly introduced the nut-based cookie to the world. Well, for those who are not oriented with this event, it’s a celebration of pecan sandies or cookies. Cookies are little sweet cakes, a little thicker in size than typical biscuits. These are staple foods in events and celebrations. Cookie jars wouldn’t have been invented without these teeny weeny cakes. Pecans are nuts. The addition of nuts was believed to bring fertility, prosperity and abundance during the ancient times. Pecan Sandies are a kind of cookie which is basically egg-free. These cookies are made with flour, butter, brown sugar, and of course pecans. It is a little similar to shortbread, except that Sandies are commonly made of vegetable shortening or oil while butter is the premier source of fats for the shortbread. Pecans are finely chopped or pounced to have a sandy texture before they are added to the sandies mixture. You can eat them alone with tea or dip them in chocolate sauces, or add them to your strawberry shortcakes. Either way, Pecan Sandies are still delicious up to the last bite. Plus, it’s one of the easiest recipes to make in the baking history.


This recipe includes everyone’s favorite chocolate as a great addition to the traditional Pecan Sandies recipe. Chocolates and nuts are a perfect combination. The sweetness of this Pecan Sandies recipe is not overpowering, yet, you still get the richness of the chocolate flavor. You can wrap them up nicely to make gifts or fill your cookie jars to munch at home.



Whether the Pecan Sandies bring monetary prosperity or not during this day, your palates will surely enjoy these sweet Pecan Sandies. National Pecan Sandies Day – make this day a little more special by making these light and crisp snack that is perfect for summer outings or even a simple household snack that you and your kids will definitely enjoy.

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