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(05/23/18) - The Saginaw Township Police Department is once again reminding people of a simple, but valuable anti-crime effort.

It's called, "Lock It or Lose It".

The anti-theft effort launched in 2011 and continues to be successful, according to Police Chief Don Pusshel.

He said before the start of the program from 2001-2010, the township averaged 220 larcenies from cars each year.

Last year the number plummeted to 89 reports.

Pussehl said many of the problems happen at night.

"We will have young individuals, usually, either on foot or they're getting a little more mobile on bicycles, and moving quicker through these neighborhoods, walking up to car doors, just checking the car doors to see if they're locked or unlocked," Pussehl said.

Pussehl added if the car door is thieves typically just move on, and it's rare for a bad guy to break-out a window.

If it's unlocked thieves will rummage around for whatever they can find, focusing on something they can easily sell like money, prescriptions and electronics. Police said they had a couple of guns stolen out of cars earlier this year too.

The "Lock It or Lose It" program runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Efforts to inform the community will come in the form of billboards around town and radio ads.

Two insurance companies, Saginaw Bay Underwriters and Frankenmuth Insurance, partner with police to make it happen.

They believe crime prevention helps cut down on claims, ultimately preventing your insurance from going up.

And while many people think it won't happen to them, Chief Pussehl said it hit close to home a couple years ago. "One of my neighbors left his car unlocked. I got up in the morning, he shouted over to me said, 'I got hit last night'. I thought he got hit, but he said no his car got broken into. He left it unlocked. And his only comment was, 'oh my wife's going to be upset'," he said.

Another key part of the "Lock It or Lose It" campaign is community awareness. If you see someone suspicious call 911., index latest News this day of events, accidents, crime, law, News unique, Politics, and special reports on the world and International.

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