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Jeremy Meeks has finally returned home to face the music.

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But his wife was allegedly and unsurprisingly not that pleased to see him.

The 33-year-old landed back in the US after spending a week making very public PDAs on a yacht with Top Shop heiress Chloe Green, 26, in Turkey, during which time Melissa revealed he is still legally married to her.

>>>Pictured: Jeremy Meeks returns home to face the music with wife Melissa
Hot felon Jeremy Meeks was pictured seen arriving at the California home he shares with wife Melissa (Picture: Westley Hargrave for Daily Mail)


>>>Pictured: Jeremy Meeks returns home to face the music with wife Melissa
Meeks had spent the week with Chloe Green (Picture: Westley Hargrave for Daily Mail)

The ‘hot felon’ has since returned back to his $317,000 home and was seen rowing with his wife on the door step, and it appeared the 38-year-old was less than keen to let him in.

>>>Pictured: Jeremy Meeks returns home to face the music with wife Melissa >
Jeremy and Chloe Green were pictured on holiday together

The two were seen having a heated discussion as with Melissa’s sister Michelle nearby, according to Mail Online.

He was seen wearing matching shirt and trousers while Melissa stood smoking and sipping coffee, but the ‘model was eventually allowed in as he was seen taking luggage inside.

>>>Pictured: Jeremy Meeks returns home to face the music with wife Melissa >
Melissa Meeks, 38, smokes a cigarette with sister Michelle Curl, 43, outside her home in Manteca, California, on July 4(Picture: Westley Hargrave for

Melissa Meeks revealed that she and Jeremy are still married as she spent the Fourth of July holiday with her sister Michelle Curl, and her three children Elianna, Robert and Meeks’ son Jeremy Jr.

>>>Pictured: Jeremy Meeks returns home to face the music with wife Melissa >
Jeremy Meeks returned home (Picture: starzfly/ / MEGA)

According to reports, Melissa was being comforted at home by her sister in the wake of the heiress ‘announcing’ their relationship on her (now-deleted) Instagram page – and photos emerging of her and Jeremy kissing on a yacht.

However, her sister defiantly spoken out on her behalf, saying that she ‘doesn’t care’ about Meeks’ involvement with the heiress.

Happy 4th everyone! 😘#meandmysis 💥💥

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‘Yes and I don’t care. I don’t care at all,’ she told the Daily Mail.

‘We have no other comment to make. None at all.’

The 32-year-old has been rubbing shoulders with Hollywood stars since his release from prison after his mugshot went viral back in 2014.

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Defiant Chloe shared a photograph of herself and Jeremy on her page along with the caption: ‘Just the beginning. We appreciate all the love and all the hate’.

The page is now deleted after a barrage of criticism with some labelling Green a ‘homewrecker’, while others vowed to boycott her father’s store – Topshop.

It is thought that the pair met in May at the Cannes Film Festival.

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