Jay Z Just Changed His Name Again

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Before he was rap mogul Jay-Z, and before he was a teenage drug dealer, he was Shawn Carter, a quiet, withdrawn kid who read far beyond his grade level and was grappling with the trying circumstances of growing up fatherless and poor in New York's Marcy Projects.

As the rapper tells it, in grade school, he found something of an escape in language. He's mentioned this in interviews throughout his career, most recently telling David Letterman, "I had a sixth-grade teacher. Her name was Miss Lowden, and I just loved the class so much. Like reading the dictionary, and my love of words; I just connected with her."

That teacher's name is Renee Rosenblum-Lowden, and she remembers Jay-Z as well, though she still refers to him as Shawn.

Rosenblum-Lowden, 77, now lives in Columbia, Md., but in 1980, she taught sixth grade at Brooklyn's I.S. 318. Carter, a shy and avid reader, was one of her standout students.


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Rap mogul Jay-Z is known for his words
Jay Z just changed his name again
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Jay Z just changed his name again
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Jay Z just changed his name again
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