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What’s the most beautiful thing about your sister?

L: "I feel like I’ve spent my life trying to care less about what people think about me, trying to have conviction behind my opinion without need for validation. I want to be a good person, so badly. And my sister just is. She is the purest spirit on the planet. She doesn't see money or facade or labels or bitchy social nuances or measures of success or any of that. She just sees a person as a person, with complete unbiased clarity. She doesn’t wear, perform, or contrive who she is. Comfort from her is so sincere; a phone call from her can physically hold you up through the day. From her perfect Cupid's bow pout to the twisty way she sits around crowds because she feels awkward. The way that when someone asks her what she does for a living she’ll modestly say she’s studying (she’s about to complete her PhD in cancer, a career decision she made after watching our mother recover, and one that makes me well up with pride). And yet, when my sister clumsily walks into a room, everyone looks because she has no idea how profoundly beautiful she is."

M: "This is hard, since there are so many types of beauty she portrays daily. The one I resonate with most is her selflessness and care for the ones she loves. Even at times when it can manifest as a blunt and direct concern, I know deep down it’s because she cares and wants the best for you, where she will do anything she can to make things right., index Latest News of business criminal law politics soccer sports celebrity lifestyle video images in the world and the world today.

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