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DES MOINES, Iowa – Gov. Kim Reynolds and Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg welcomed Iowa State University's PriISUm solar car team to the capitol Thursday morning.

The team of researchers and designers showed off their newest vehicle, which they created themselves.

Multiple majors worked together to complete the solar vehicle. This year it incorporated a radio, multiple seats, and next week they will even have a fan inside.

Gov. Reynolds said the work these students accomplish puts Iowa a step ahead.

“Really developing the most innovative energy policy in the nation and that means viewing our rich and renewable resources in ways we’ve never thought possible. Our fields have fed the world for years and now they energize it. And by taking advantage of solars and renewables we really have a great opportunity to lead the world when it comes to renewable energy,” said Reynolds.

The PrISUm team will be traveling across all 99 Iowa counties to show off the car and inspire future generations that they can do anything they set their minds to., Site News Today\\\'s world Presenting Daily News Latest News and Latest Regarding News Politics, Business, Sports Up Celebrity Gossip.

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Iowa State Students Unveil New Solar Car
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