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India took firm control of the third Test against England in Mohali by reducing the visitors to 78 for the loss of four wickets. England are still 56 runs away from India lead of 134 in the first innings. Ravindra Jadeja led India’s strong lower-order batting display with a career-best 90 and helped India make 417 in the first innings. Jayant Yadav also scored his maiden Test fifty. This was before Ashwin wrecked England’s top order by taking three wickets. Jayant Yadav picked up the other wicket. Joe Root and Gareth Batty will resume the play for England on day four.

India vs England, 3rd Test Day 3

1630 hrs IST: That will be stumps! India will be very happy with the day today. India have reduced England to 78 for 4 at stumps on day three. They are still ahead by 56 runs. This will take a hell of an effort from England to make a match out of this. Joe Root still there for them

1627 hrs IST: WICKET! Ben Stokes lbw b Ashwin. Where did that come from?! Kohli brings back Ashwin and he has delivered. Given out by the on-field umpire. Kohli thinks, thinks before asking for a review. Pitched on the middle and it just spun away from Stokes, missing the bat as well. Stokes has his back leg as the second line of defence. It has struck him on the back pad. This is an excellent review from India. He has to go as it is hitting off-stump. England are four down

1621 hrs IST: 36 overs gone in this England innings and England are 78 for the loss of three wickets. There are still nine minutes to go for stumps today. Can India strike once more. They still have a 56-run lead

1606 hrs IST: WICKET! Jayant Yadav strikes! He has got Jonny Bairstow again. Coming round the wicket Jayant creates the angle. The ball keeps very low and Bairstow manages to get a faint outside edge. Parthiv also keeps himself low and catches it. Good catch

1555 hrs IST: 30 overs have been bowled in the England innings and they are 64 for the loss of two wickets. Shami will bowl to Root who is batting on 33. India still lead by 70 runs

1550 hrs IST: A quite phase of play as England have settled the nerves. Root and Baristow taking it easy. The two wickets haven’t caused panic in the England camp. India continue with Jayant and Shami

1540 hrs IST: Double bowling change! Mohammed Shami replaces Jadeja after Jayant had replaced Ashwin at the other end. England past the 50-run mark

1530 hrs IST: Indian spinners have just put their team well in front. England will pin hopes on Root and Bairstow. India will like a couple of wickets before close of play today

1518 hrs IST: WICKET! Moeen Ali c Jayant Yadav b R Ashwin. England lose their second wicket as Ashwin strikes again! Beautiful bowling from the spinner. He deceives Moeen in air who comes down the pitch to play the shot. Checks it at the last moment and can only chip it to mid-on

1515 hrs IST: 19 overs gone in the England innings and they are 79 for the loss of one wicket. They still trail by 97 runs. Moeen Ali and Joe Root are good players of spin but the pitch is turning

1505 hrs IST: Okay! Moeen Ali is the new man in for England at number three. He has batted at number 1, 2, 3 (today), 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 so far in his career. Well done Moeen !

1459 hrs IST: WICKET! Ashwin strikes and no need for DRS this time. Bowls one through Cook’s bat and pad. Stumps rattled. That was a beauty with drift and dip on that. India off the mark in the wickets column

1450 hrs IST: The pitch is turning for the Indian spinners now! Excellent bowling from Ashwin and Jadeja. They have created chances. England need to see off this important and difficult phase

1445 hrs IST: 

WICKET! Ashwin strikes. Wait… Cook reviews and that is pitching outside leg. India still without wicket. Alastair Cook still on the crease. What an eventful 10 minutes we have had

1441 hrs IST: India review after umpires says not out to a appeal to a LBW appeal. There is no bat involved. They are taking a long time to bring on the ball tracking. Finally it comes and it shows that the ball is missing the leg stump. That took a long time

1438 hrs IST: Eight overs gone and England openers Alastair Cook and Joe Root have done well to take them to 19/0. They have to keep those wickets in hand. India still lead by 115 runs

1423 hrs IST: India go for spin in the fourth over. R Ashwin is into the attack. He will bowl to Alastair Cook. India need early wickets to take the initiative in this Test

1417 hrs IST: Nice start from the Indian bowlers. England are off the mark but this pitch will misbehave later in the day. Mohammed Shami will bowl again. Joe Root has to deal with him

1409 hrs IST: No Haseeb Hameed to open for England. Alastair Cook and Joe Root open for England. Hameed has been in the nets all morning and during the lunch break too but a reported finger injury prevents him from taking guard early on. He’s not wearing the kit either so it looks unlikely he would come on any time soon. Mohammed Shami to bowl the first over. And he starts off with a maiden

1356 hrs IST: Players are taking Tea! Because India are bowled out in the last half-an-hour before Tea, it forced umpires to call the break. So England will bat in the last session which begins is just 13 minutes from now

1355 hrs IST: Ben Stokes has clearly bowled his heart out to take those five wickets. But fifties from Ashwin, Jadeja and Jayant propel India to 417. This is the first time three Indian batsmen below number five have scored half-centuries

1350 hrs IST: INDIA ARE BOWLED OUT FOR 417. Stokes has a five-wicket haul as Umesh Yadav is caught behind. India are bowled out for 417 in the first innings but have a crucial 134-run lead over England. We will be back in about 20 minutes

1343 hrs IST: WICKET! Jayant Yadav is dismissed by Ben Stokes after he got a chance. Jayant tries to play one from outside off on leg-side but it hits low on the bat and straight to short mid-on. Moeen Ali with a good catch and Stokes has his fourth wicket

1340 hrs IST: 

CHANCE! Jayant Yadav edges one behind but it goes quickly past a diving Jonny Bairstow. England have been poor in catching today. They were superb in field on Sunday

1337 hrs IST: 

DROPPED! Alastair Cook drops Umesh Yadav at slips. Simple catch to his right. Lazy movement from Cook at slips. Stokes is disappointed by the effort of his captain

1331 hrs IST: 

Maiden fifty for Jayant Yadav! Excellent innings from the Haryana lad. He has scored his fifty off 132 balls. The dressing room applauds the effort. India looking good in Mohali

1328 hrs IST: What a way to bring up the 400 for your team. Umesh Yadav gets one in the slot and he slog sweeps it for a massive six. India past 400 and the lead is now 122 runs. Jayant on 49*

1326 hrs IST: Maiden over from Ben Stokes with Jayant Yadav on 49*. Umesh Yadav has to face Moeen Ali now. India are still 399/4. India lead is worth 116 runs

1320 hrs IST: India are 399 for the loss of eight wickets. India are one short of 400 and Jayant Yadav is one short of his maiden half-century in Test cricket. Ben Stokes to bowl for England. India lead by 116 runs

1308 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav gets off the mark on the 18th ball he faces with a couple. India are 395 for the loss of eight wickets. The lead in now 112 runs. Jayant is batting on 44* and Umesh on 2*. It will be drinks

1303 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav is trusting Umesh Yadav with his batting. Not denying him singles and also scoring runs for himself. Positive cricket from him. England spinners continue to attack

1255 hrs IST: India now lead by 101 runs. Jayant Yadav takes a couple and the lead goes past 100 runs. India will be satisfied with the effort they were 204/6 at one stage, trailing England by 79 runs. Jayant still going strong 


1251 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav is the new man in for India. Jayant Yadav is still out there. He can bat long. India lead by 98 runs and Gareth Batty will bowl the over now. Jayant on strike

1246 hrs IST: WICKET! Ravindra Jadeja (90) c Chris Woakes b Adil Rashid. Jadeja will be disappointed with that. He was so close to scoring his first Test hundred. Comes down the pitch and goes for the big one. It hits the toe end of his bat and goes up in the air. Woakes with the catch the ropes

1241 hrs IST: Ravindra Jadeja finishes the over from Woakes with another boundary. Comes down the track to a short ball and smashes it through square-leg region. He moves on to 89*. Super shots

1238 hrs IST: Ravindra Jadeja with three cracking boundaries. Three consecutive as well. Woakes bowls the first ball on the seventh stump line and Jadeja moves towards it to smashes it past mid-on. Second ball is cut and placed between 4 fielders. Third ball is sent past mid-on again but this was on the fifth stump line


1230 hrs IST: England with some tight line and length after Lunch. They have not allowed Indian to score freely. Spin and pace attack from either attack. Indian batsmen also not taking risks. India lead by 79 runs

1219 hrs IST: Nice start from India to the session. They score five runs from the first two overs after Lunch. England need these three wickets quickly otherwise India’s lead could swell and go out of reach

1210 hrs IST: Players are back! We have Gareth Batty bowling to Ravindra Jadeja who is on 70*. India are resuming at 354 for the loss of seven wickets and with a lead of 71 runs

1200 hrs IST: 10 minutes before play starts in Mohali. Ravindra Jadeja has scored his highest Test score and before play starts, you can quickly finish this brilliant piece by Sandeep Dwivedi on >Jadeja – The King in his Neverland

1150 hrs IST: India will look to build on this lead in the second session. Ravindra Jadeja has a chance to score his first Test century. This has been an excellent start from India to the third day. They should build on this

England will be disappointed by that session. Allowed India to get away. But could take heart from the fact that there seem no demons around

— Harsha Bhogle (@bhogleharsha) 28 November 2016

1133 hrs IST: That is Lunch on Day 3. India lead by 71 runs and Ravindra Jadeja is on his highest Test score of 70*. India are 354 for the loss of seven wickets. Jayant Yadav has helped India with his unbeaten 26 runs

1129 hrs IST: Last over before Lunch coming up. India are 354 for the loss of seven wickets. Adil Rashid to bowl the over with Jayant Yadav on strike. India lead by 71 runs

1124 hrs IST: 

Fifty run stand! Jadeja and Jayant add 50 runs from 101 balls to India’s total. Superb partnership for India which has frustrated England. Couple of overs remaining before Lunch

1123 hrs IST: 350 up for India. The dressing applauds the effort of the batsmen in the middle which has been really good. 111 over are gone in this Indian innings and they are 350 for the loss of seven wickets. Adil Rashid will bowl now

1116 hrs IST: England turn to Gareth Batty. India have scored 75 runs in this session so far in 24 overs. This will be the 109th over in the Indian innings. India will look to move closer to the 100-run mark in the lead

1112 hrs IST: More runs for India as England show bad fielding. The lead is 61 runs now as they give 5 overthrows. Lunch is just 15 minutes away in Mohali and India will like to go into Lunch at seven down only

1105 hrs IST: Excellent cricket from India as they are not taking any risk for the runs. Jayant Yadav has been terrific to held Ravindra Jadeja build this Indian innings. The lead is also swelling for the hosts

1056 hrs IST: India’s lead now over 50. Has been a good morning for the hots. England have got those edges of batsmen’s bat but with no success other than the Ashwin wicket. Jayant and Jadeja are doing a superb job in the middle.

Watch @imjadeja do the traditional sword dance with his bat as he brings up his FIFTY!!! @Paytm Test Cricket #INDvENG

— BCCI (@BCCI) November 28, 2016

1047 hrs IST: England are rotating the bowlers. Adil Rashid is into the attack and Jayant Yadav will be on strike. He has been good so far. England need to stop the India run here. The lead is growing

1042 hrs IST: Out come the sword celebrations from Ravindra Jadeja after he scores his fifty! What an innings this has been from Jadeja. Helped India rebuild and this can be his big innings. Super celebrations as well

1038 hrs IST: England have tested Jayant Yadav with some short stuff but he has done well to avoid it so far! And he has also got some boundaries. Jadeja has not been on strike for some time now and is unbeaten on 49

1030 hrs IST: One hour of cricket done this morning and it has been a good one for India. Though they have lost the wicket of Ashwin but Jadeja is still there with Jayant Yadav. If he can continue for some more time, India can lead over 100. Jayant also looking in good touch

1020 hrs IST: Ravindra Jadeja has to rebuild this innings with Jayant Yadav now. The latter has shown good temperament to bat so far but this has been a different match altogether. And Ben Stokes has his tail up

1015 hrs IST: WICKET! R Ashwin (72) c Jos Buttler b Ben Stokes. Excellent trap from England. They put a packed off side field and kept bowling out side the off stump line. Stokes sends one further far from Ashwin who goes for the drive away from the body. It flies to backward point where Buttler accepts the catch. Another important innings from Ashwin has come to an end

1007 hrs IST: 300 up for India. Ashwin hits two more boundaries, both gorgeous drives through covers, to bring up India’s 300. The lead is now 18 runs. Ravindra Jadeja will be facing James Anderson at the other end

0958 hrs IST: Good over from Woakes. A couple of edges but they do not carry to the fielders. This pitch still has something for the fast bowlers, at least in the first hour of the morning. Anderson again with Jadeja on strike

0953 hrs IST: 90 overs gone in Mohali. Anderson bowled the last over. India are 290 for the loss of six wickets and have began confidently in Mohali. Ashwin and Jadeja looking good. Woakes to continue for England

0943 hrs IST: Scores are level in Mohali. Ashwin takes a single and India are 283 for the loss of six wickets. Moeen Ali is bowling and Ravindra Jadeja is on strike. India need a good lead from here on with four wickets in hand

0935 hrs IST: Six runs from the first over of the day as Ravindra Jadeja also takes a single off the last ball of the Woakes over. India move on to 277 for the loss of six wickets and now only in six runs distance from England’s first innings total. Moeen Ali will be bowling from the other day for England this innings

0932 hrs IST: What a start from Ashwin. He flicks a delivery from Woakes on the leg-side for four to start the day for India with a four! Woakes looks disappointed. Ashwin looking confident as he was last day. Super batting

0930 hrs IST: England players are taking their field positions. R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja have walked out to the middle and are marking. Ashwin will be on strike at start of play today. He is on 57*. Chris Woakes has the ball in hand for the first over.Here we go

0925 hrs IST: The players are warming up at the boundary ropes before start of play in Mohali. Very important day for both India and England as the team which wins the day today may hold the advantage in this match. Crucial for India to take a big lead here as they will be batting fourth

0915 hrs IST: Day two of the Test was one of the best you will see for a long time. Especially the final session. It was a great display of cricket. And Sandip G did capture that in his piece here –

With 88 runs, 1 wicket and 29 overs, second session defined beauty of Test cricket

0900 hrs IST: 30 minutes before play in Mohali. England took advantage in this match in the final session but then Ashwin and Jadeja stuck together for a 67-run stand. Sandip G from Mohali – >England punch, India counterpunch

0845 hrs IST: Welcome to the coverage of the third day’s play of the third Test between India and England from Mohali. This match has been at an even stage with India just 12 runs behind England’s first innings score of 283 with four wickets in hand

This is after India survived a middle order collapse on day two that saw them lose three wickets for eight runs. India were in command at Tea with a score of 148 at the loss of two wickets. But with the start of the final session, Cheteshwar Pujara fell after making 51 and Ajinkya Rahane was dismissed for a duck. Debutant Karun Nair was the next to fall after he was run out. Virat Kohli made a half-century but fell after making 62 when India’s score was 204/5. This when Ashwin and Jadeja joined hands and took India to 271 for 6 at Stumps on Day 2.

In the first innings, England were bowled out for 283 after India pacer Mohammed Shami took the remaining two wickets of England on day two. England had resumed on an overnight score of 268/8 and could only 15 runs to that.

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