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Since opening up their doors to prawn lovers last year, ISSO has left its mark as a favourite go-to quick service restaurant in Colombo. Conveniently located down Sulaiman Terrace off Jawatta Road, this year, the restaurant celebrates its first anniversary in business. Their success as one of the most talked-about food joints is vastly owing to their unique menu offering which consists of all things prawn and is an ideal pick for those looking to indulge in mouthwatering prawn dishes.

Another aspect that adds to the uniqueness of ISSO is the option they offer its visitors to customise their order.  Visitors can select the size and style of their dishes, and pick the carb of their preference to complete the combo. Additionally, each combo is also served with a complimentary salad to go on the side.

‘When we started ISSO last year, what we wanted was to offer a novel food experience to our customers; and ISSO being a prawn-centric restaurant was a first in Sri Lanka. We also wanted to make our menu intriguing by letting our customers choose their own combinations for their meals. So we came up with a few interesting variations under the size, style and carb options, allowing our customers have access to a wide number of combos which they can customise. Through this we have been able to tap into different palettes with a variety of cuisines successfully’ Co-Founders of ISSO Apinash Sivagumaaran, Fawaz Fassi and Shuaib Yusoof said.

‘During the past year we have been able to progressively grow, improve and strengthen our relationships with our customers.I think it’s safe to say, we are happy with how far we have come. Going forward we want to introduce a menu that has been inspired by different cuisines to give our customers a taste of prawn dishes from all over the world, be it Sri Lankan, Italian, Japanese, Indian and so on’ they added.

The restaurant is also famed for its reinventions of traditional Sri Lankan foods such as the beloved local street food Isso Waday and the Jaffna Prawn Curry. ISSO’s Sweet Potato Fries, which took Colombo by storm when introduced is its most popular side option., Site News current daily serving News today and the latest news about politics until News lifestyle and sport.

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