I Bought A Magazine That's All About YouTube Stars, And Now I Understand Why Teens Are So Obsessed

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Oh My Vlog! magazine There's lot of fun inside Oh My Vlog! magazine Business Insider/James Cook

Want to understand why teenage girls are so obsessed with YouTube stars? Buy a copy of "Oh My Vlog!" magazine. That's what I did, and now I can finally appreciate the phenomenon.

Oh My Vlog! is a new, one-off British magazine that focuses solely on YouTube celebs. All the big names are in there: Zoella, Tanya, Alfie, Marcus (they don't really have surnames.) Even Zoella's guinea pigs are given their own (blissfully short) op-ed.

It's not easy to actually buy Oh My Vlog! magazine. I had to call several different branches of WH Smith until one obscure location told me that, yes, they stock Oh My Vlog! It wasn't on display in the store, though. I had to ask a staff member for help. He directed me towards the technology section, and magazines like "Wired" and "What Hi-Fi?"

"No," I told him. "It will be in the teen girl section." Eventually they managed to find Oh My Vlog! hidden in the back of the store.

The magazine itself is filled with #content. There was a lot to take in. First of all, it comes with lots of fun stickers featuring all your favourite YouTube stars. There are also stickers with phrases that your average teen will know, including "The fleek shall inherit the earth," and "Eat tweet sleep repeat." I didn't know those phrases, but they sound nice.

Oh My Vlog! stickers My colleague Lara O'Reilly really went to town with the stickers. Business Insider/Lara O'Reilly

Another useful feature is the Oh My Vlog! Top Trumps-style card game. There are 18 cards which rate popular YouTube stars on categories such as "Phwoarsomeness" and "LOLs rating." Through playing the game I learned that YouTuber Joe Sugg has the highest Phwoarsomeness score: an intimidating 99.

Oh My Vlog! Top Trumps game Vlog Trumps! Business Insider/James Cook

So what are teen girls interested in? Lots of things. Oh My Vlog! taught me that YouTube star Miranda has a "new bae," (slang for boyfriend.) And Zoella's legs are covered in bruises because she's "so clumsy."

Oh My Vlog! Miranda Sings interview Miranda advises readers to wear lots of lipstick to "essentuate your lips." Business Insider/James Cook

My favourite part of the magazine was a "vlog tips" feature on how to get 10,000 Instagram likes. If you want to be popular online, you have to find a good theme, keep an eye on the news, and remember not to let your phone run out of battery.

You can purchase Oh My Vlog! magazine for £3.99 from WH Smith and other newsagents in the UK.

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I bought a magazine that's all about YouTube stars, and now I understand why teens are so obsessed
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