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You are off at college, on your own for the first time. You might be purchasing your first car or paying for your car completely on your own for the first time, too. But with these new car responsibilities comes a responsibility you might never have contemplated—finding and purchasing car insurance. College is often the first time you have to deal with car insurance on your own. You have never done it before, so how do you go about finding the right car insurance for you? Read on to learn what to consider and some best practice methods on choosing the best car insurance for you!


Know What You Want

The first step to finding insurance that fits your needs is knowing what your needs actually are. There are a lot of questions you should be asking yourself to figure out what you should be looking for.

Do you just want the cheapest insurance that you can find and qualify for, or are there actual requirements that your car insurance needs to meet to be eligible? If so, what are those requirements? Are you willing to pay more money to get better protection coverage? What kind of protection do you want? Do you want your insurance to be especially forgiving of accidents because you tend to have quite a few of them, or do you want insurance that rewards your utter lack of car accidents instead? Is customer service important? Do you want to make sure the agents you deal with will be friendly and competent? Are you interested in the reviews and reputation of the agency you are taking a policy out with?

There are so many variations, little details and criteria, that you have to consider when finding the right insurance for you. You have to know what you want in order to match your own expectations.

Shop Around

You want great coverage at a great price with awesome customer service—but you have to remember that such a trifecta is like the Holy Grail. In order to get this Holy Grail, you have to shop around. Otherwise, how will you know you are getting the best deal? How will you know that there is not a better option for you out there? Millennials and Generation Zers are known for experiencing FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)—this is a case where FOMO is definitely something you need to be experiencing when searching out car insurance.

If you just take the first insurance policy you are offered, you will never know if you are truly getting the best deal or not. Sure, getting insurance from TheGeneral.Com might save you time and be convenient, but maybe you would actually get a better deal somewhere else. You will never know if you never look and truly explore all your options.

Shopping around might take a little bit longer, but you are much more likely to find the right fit for you and end up with an insurance policy that fits your needs.


Usage-Based Or Pay-Per-Mile

Another great way to find the right fit of car insurance for you is to consider what kind of policy might work best for your lifestyle: usage-based or pay-per-mile. Usage-based car insurance is a better fit for people who are safe drivers who also drive a conservative amount of miles. You let your insurance company track your driving and in return, they will offer you discounts based on how much you drive, when you drive and how well you drive.

Pay-per-mile insurance is great for drivers who drive very little— your insurance rate depends on how much you drive. If you drive less than ten thousand miles, there are several programs that you can qualify for that will get you a very discounted rate on your insurance.

Evaluate Your Coverage

Maybe you chose a car insurance policy and it has been working for you, but it has been a while since you selected. Things change—you change, your car changes, your driving habits and lifestyle changes. While maybe the car insurance you originally had was a good fit, it might not be the best fir for you now. Insurance companies offer new deals and policies all the time as well—let your fear of missing out take over every once in a while and just check out the other options that are out there. Maybe there is an agency offering a better deal that fits your same needs or your current insurance agency can reward you or upgrade your plan to better fit what you now need.

As your life changes, your needs change, and you just might be surprised at the better deals that might be floating around out there., set News, Photos, Profile, Video, Artist & Celebrity World complete.

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