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"Khloe has loved having Kris by her side throughout everything. She really helped ease the process and transition," a source tells E! News exclusively. The momager has also "been a "buffer" between Khloe, Tristan and the NBA player's family. "It was very stressful once the baby was born," since Khloe "was very overwhelmed" with new motherhood and the state of her relationship. "Kris really helped with the entire process and helped her remain calm and ease her mind," the source adds. Having

Kim Kardashian and

Kourtney Kardashian visit also lifted her spirits, according to the source. "Everyone has been very supportive and attentive."

Kim, who just returned to California, wants Khloe to stay positive. "I'm so happy for you! Your baby girl is so beautiful!" she tweeted Apr. 13. "You are so strong, you made that look so easy!"

Privately, however, Khloe's family is livid. "The Kardashian family has been very cold towards Tristan since the scandal broke. They aren't pleased with him at all and are heartbroken for Khloe. Everyone has remained civil this past week for the sake of the baby, but deep down they are all furious. They feel Tristan was deceitful and are ashamed that he was lying to all of them," the source tells E! News. "Loyalty is huge in their family, and once the trust is lost, it's hard to get everyone on board again. The family has Khloe's back and are only worried about making sure True is taken care of on all fronts. They are urging her to do what's best for True.", Forum discussion and sharing News from home and abroad. Starting from the ideological, political, economic, social and cultural.

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