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Disney’s favourite mouse is no stranger to fashion runways and retail spaces. Mickey Mouse celebrated his 89th birthday recently, and we cannot help but reflect on his metamorphosis from cultural hero to fashion muse over the years.

Gone are the days when only kids were obsessed with Mickey and the rest of the gang. Cut to the present and adults are swooning over clothes, shoes, and other accessories, that feature and are inspired by the world’s most famous mouse.

“Everyone around the world, irrespective of age, has an affinity for the classic character. Mickey Mouse radiates a fun and optimistic energy, making him the perfect muse for an array of designers. It is also a way for them to make consumers nostalgic and want to sport clothes with their favourite Disney hero on them,” says Divya Maben, a stylist.

According to Kamakshi Kaul, Vice President-Design, Max Fashion, “Mickey Mouse has been a visionary in the 1960s and a global household name loved by everyone irrespective of age or gender. Disney has always been part of the world of style. Those famous ears may never go out of fashion. Bright red tones and ruffled collars have been a favourite through the generations and it’s not very different now.”

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How Mickey Mouse became a fashion trendsetter
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