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No one at Fox calls out perceived liberal hypocrisies with more vigor or volume than Sean Hannity who, predictably, wove the Kimmel clip into his manic opening monologue. "Let’s talk about late-night host Jimmy Kimmel,” said Hannity, his voice filled with contempt. “This weekend, he doubled down on stupid. Let’s watch stupid.” After playing the clip, Hannity noted that “it’s clear Kimmel is going down the same road as Stephen Colbert—wants to be a left-wing comedian only” and angrily referenced a lewd The Man Show segment from 15 years ago. “All right, Jim,” Hannity seethed, “let’s engage over you being a creepy old man trying to get 18-year-old young girls to guess what’s in your pants and grab what’s in your pants with two hands and ask them to kiss it. Jim, you look like a creepy old man, and we’ll show that tape in a second.” If you watched Hannity last Friday, you had already seen the clip, when he showed it after bashing Kimmel for failing “to shed a tear for the victims of Harvey Weinstein.” You’ll probably see it Tuesday night, too. Hannity seems to truly hate Jimmy Kimmel., set News, Photos, Profile, Video, Artist & Celebrity World complete.

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