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Vocabulary: phishing, two-factor authentication, login credentials

Next Generation Science Standards: SEP 4: Analyzing and Interpreting Data, SEP 8: Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information


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Living in a digital, connected world comes with risks. There are certain vulnerabilities that are difficult to protect yourself against — like the recent Equifax security breach that exposed millions of social security numbers. But there are ways to build up your personal digital security when it comes to your devices and how you decide to share your information. Engineer Micah Lee and Jason Koebler of Motherboard help us sort through encrypted messaging, password managers, and VPNs to increase your cybersecurity safety and IQ.

Audio Excerpt “How to Improve Your Cybersecurity” Jan 5, 2018. (Original Segment)

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How Can You Protect Yourself From Hackers?
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