Hollywood Pays Tribute To 'Full Metal Jacket' Star R. Lee Ermey

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Well today we lost a legend and a great American. I am proud to have had R. Lee Ermey as a friend and shooting teammate. If you thought he was motivating in Full Metal Jacket you should have seen him on the firing line when points mattered. I’ll never forget those moments just not sure I can relay them fully here... just take my word for it LEGENDARY!!! (I wish I filmed his reaction to me bringing a pink gun to shoot in a match see pic 2. He was having none of my “it takes a real man to shoot a pink gun” line. I made it just for that response and he did not disappoint.) They unfortunately don’t make many like him these days. Thanks for your friendship sir. Rest In Peace Gunny!!! #gunny #ermey #rip #semperfi

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Source : https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/r-lee-ermey-dead-hollywood-pays-tribute-full-metal-jacket-star-1102873

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