Hollywood Is Confused About What Really Counts As Progress

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LOS ANGELES - Eileen Grubba was working alongside other actors on a TV commercial when she realized the director's eye was caught by her uneven gait. He started positioning her out of shots - and then it got worse.

Shooting a scene on a bus, the director ordered Grubba to get up and move from her seat in the middle to one in the rear that was fully out of the frame.

"'So now we're going to make the disabled people sit at the back of the bus? That's awesome,'" Grubba, who uses a leg brace because of childhood spinal cord damage, recalled thinking some six years ago.

The disheartening experience reflects the broader picture for many actors with disabilities, whose progress in Hollywood has lagged behind that of other minority performers demanding to be seen and hired. The reasons are complex, insiders and observers say, including unfounded concerns about added production costs, disability stereotypes and an industry clinging to entrenched habits.


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Hollywood's diversity push snubs actors with disabilities
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Hollywood’s Sudden Diversity Push Snubs Actors with Disabilities
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