Hollywood’s Grim Century Of Fat Shaming: From Greta Garbo To Chloë Grace Moretz

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This week, 20-year-old actor Chloë Grace Moretz said she had been “body-shamed” by a male actor on set when she was 15. He was her co-star at the time, in his 20s, cast in the role of her love interest, and he said he would never date her in real life, because she was too big. It was a comment that drove her to tears. Moretz is the latest in a string of Hollywood stars who are prepared to be more open about their experiences of sexism in the industry, from Jennifer Lawrence to Emma Watson. Like the late Carrie Fisher, who revealed she was asked to lose weight before appearing in the new Star Wars series, Moretz touches on something particularly troubling: the pressure on women on screen to maintain a body size that may be unrealistic or unhealthy.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new. Silent-film expert Pamela Hutchinson cites the example of Greta Garbo. “Louis B Mayer hired her for MGM in 1925, when she was already a success in Europe, with the caveat that ‘In America, we don’t like fat women’. Garbo ate nothing but spinach for three weeks and then dieted, rigorously, for the rest of her Hollywood career.” There were even more extreme measures. “An actor called Molly O’Day had her excess weight cut away by a surgeon. In 1929, Photoplay magazine explicitly blamed the death of comic actor Katherine Grant on the Hal Roach studio’s demands for her to lose weight.”

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Source : https://www.theguardian.com/film/2017/aug/11/hollywoods-grim-century-of-fat-shaming-from-greta-garbo-to-chloe-grace-moretz

Hollywood’s grim century of fat-shaming: from Greta Garbo to Chloë Grace Moretz
From Greta Garbo to Chloe Grace Moretz: Hollywood’s grim history of fat-shaming
Hollywood’s grim century of fat-shaming: from Greta Garbo to Chlöe Grace Moretz
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