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There are times when you want to buy a new gadget, but are running short on funds. Other times, you just want to get rid of old working gadgets that you no longer use. Whatever the case, it isn’t easy to sell gadgets as there are a lot of strings attached. Say you want to sell a smartphone or a laptop, your best bet is to visit a retailer that sells these products. But then again, you need to purchase something in return from the shop to get the best value. If that sounds like a task, there are online service providers that specialize in dealing with your old electronics.

Recently, I was planning to buy a new smartphone, which cost around Rs 60,000, and in return I wanted to sell my old smartphone, which had was running on an outdated OS. Though I planned on selling it, I didn’t quite have the time to visit 10 different retail stores, get the quote, and then decide where to sell. But thanks to few websites, dispensing of old gadgets in return for cash has become easier than ever.

How does it work?

These online portals let you sell your old laptops, smartphones, desktops, television sets, gaming consoles and tablets. Some of these sites include SahiValue, Cashify, Webuy and ReGlobe. The basic functionality of these sites is largely same — select a product category, enter the brand name and model, furnish other details like age and condition of the device, wear and tear, and more.


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Once all these details are entered, these platforms will do some calculations, and give you a rough quote. Do note, the final amount that you get for your gadget could be different after the engineer thoroughly examines your device.

After you get the quote, you can proceed and enter details such as your phone number, email address, mode of payment and any other thing. In my case, I used Cashify to sell two smartphones and the process was smooth. I had chosen NEFT bank transfer as mode of payment, and soon after the technician evaluated the smartphone, the money was credited into my account within seconds.


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How to sell your used gadgets online in 5 simple steps

Step One: To give you an idea of how it works, I’ll use Cashify as an example. Firstly, head over to and enter the gadget you want to sell. For example, you could enter something like iPhone SE, HTC One M8, MacBook Air, iPad mini, to name a few.

cashify home page>

Step Two: As you enter the brand and model of your device, a drop down list will appear with the available models. Just choose the one that you own. On the next page, you will see details such as the specifications, release date, and the approximate amount that you can get for the smartphone.


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cashify gadget page>

Step Three: Next, click on get assured selling price. Now, you need to enter few more details here – your location (city), does your phone switch on, and issues if any, like water damage, screen broken, damaged charging port. If there aren’t any issues, simply click on next.

cashify mobile issues>

Step Four: In the next step, tick on the accessories you have, charger, earphone, box and valid bill. If you have the bill, you will have to tick on the age of your gadget, below 11 months or above. In the final step, select the condition of your gadget — good, average or below average, and click on next.


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cashify physical conditions>

Step Five: After entering all the above details, you will be presented with a quote calculated based on your responses. If you wish to sell your device click on sell this device after which you will have to enter details such as your mobile number, name and e-mail address followed by OTP to verify. Once that is done, you can choose the mode of payment — wallet, cash or bank transfer, followed by time of appointment when the person can visit your place.


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cashify final value>

An engineer will then visit your place, check your gadget for evaluation. If the conditions and details match the details you mentioned, he will make the payment. It is that simple.

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