Herd Hierarchy: Colin's Top 10 NFL Teams After 2017 18 Week 10

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NARRATOR: Herd Hierarchy.

- The time is now. Let's go.

NARRATOR: The Top 10 NFL teams according to Colin. Number 10.

- The most confusing team in the NFL, the Tennessee Titans. I don't even know if they're good. I don't love their offensive coaching staff. They did blow out Seattle at home. They won a gut check game against Cincinnati this weekend. It is a four game winning streak, their longest in eight years.

Here's the one thing I know about them. They often play better on the road than at home and they play Thursday night against Pittsburgh, which will really give you a barometer of how good they are. They've allowed the fewest big plays in the NFL of 20 plus yards. So they keep the ball in front of them. And that's mostly because they have a really good defensive staff. I'll put them at 10, but I should just put a big question mark because I don't feel great about it. But I wasn't going to put Jacksonville on this list because I trust them even less, so I'll put Tennessee at 10.

NARRATOR: Number nine.

- Carolina. I picked them to win their division. They have yet to allow 400 yards of offense in any of their 10 games. That's the only team in the NFL that's done that. I like their defensive personnel. I do. I like their draft. Curtis Samuel and Christian McCaffrey. I like their owner. I like their coach. I like their defensive personnel. I just wish Cam was more consistent. You got good Cam last night.

Listen. People that you don't like, Cam. No, I don't like Cam's inconsistency. But I really like their personnel. I could make the argument, just outside of their offensive line, they match up with Philadelphia very evenly and they're getting Greg Olsen back eventually. And I love Greg Olsen. I'll have the Panthers at nine.

NARRATOR: Number eight.

- Kansas City has failed to reach 100 yards rushing in a month. They're 1-3. and three. Because that puts the onus on Alex Smith and I think there's limitations there. You know, again. For all the explosive playmakers they have, Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce, they can sometimes-- and Andy Reid's a very clever play caller, they can at times be a BB gun offense. I just don't trust them late, but I have them at eight.

NARRATOR: Number seven.

- The Steelers. Again, it's the maturity that drives me crazy. They're the only current AFC playoff team with a negative turnover differential. That makes no sense. Because they've got a terrific defense. They're 6-0 when Le'Veon Bell has more than 15 carries. The have clearly become a running team first. And I think we have to admit this. I love Big Ben. Right now, Big Ben is not an elite quarterback. He's not. He's not accurate enough, he misses open receivers.

He used to be the best deep ball thrower in the league. He's not as good as Jared Goff at that right now. He's not. Don't scoff at Goff. I got the Steelers, seven. Big Ben will be crucial late, but he can't carry this team anymore.

NARRATOR: Number six.

- Again. Seattle reminds me a lot of Pittsburgh. They drive me crazy. Been penalized 53 times since week seven. That's 17 more times than any other team. And ever since Chris Carson got hurt in week four, the running game's gone into the tank where they're averaging 2.6 yards a carry. That is second worst in the NFL. Russell Wilson now has to carry the offense.

Now with Duane Brown at left tackle, Richard Sherman's out, they're going to have to become more dynamic offensively. But right now, I can't put them any higher than six.

NARRATOR: Number five.

- I love Minnesota's defense. OK? They're two different teams. First month, OK, they were allowing more points. The offense, Case Keenum. Here's the downside, though. They're giving up the ball more lately. Case Keenum's is a backup. A really high end backup, but eventually backups get exposed. And a couple of times this weekend against Washington, they really dominate that game and should have won pulling away and it was closer than it should have been.

But they're only allowing 270 yards a game since week four. That's the second best in the NFL. You know, it's really funny about them. If you ask the average fan, name five Vikings, they'd say Stefon Diggs, and they would ask, does Adrian Peterson still play for them? They're really are no name team of really good football players.

NARRATOR: Number four.

- LA Rams lead the NFL in takeaways. And the most points scored per take away in the NFC. They are a very good team at taking advantage of your mistakes. They're also averaging in the last month 36 points a game. We will have their left tackle Andrew Whitworth on our show in the last hour.

Listen, I live in LA. I will have seen every snap this year. The remarkable thing about the Rams is how many points they leave on the table in the red zone, and they're still regularly getting in the mid 30s and 40s. They do not have a hole offensively. Good o-line, talented tight ends, multitude of receivers, patient, can go over the top or grind it with the offensive line and Gurley. It's a real football team.

NARRATOR: Number three.

- A team I kind of whiffed on, the Saints. Seven game winning streak. They have ranked second in the league in rushing yards a game and the most rushing touchdowns. They're the opposite of every Saints team you've ever watched. They play defense and run the football. They had a tremendous draft. They got Marcus Lattimore, who's one of the top three or four corners in the NFL. You can't expose anymore their secondary. It's one of the better secondaries. Drew Brees now is shortening the routes. Has no problem 15 yards and in. They're not asking him to go over the top anymore. New Orleans, they have done a great job to pivot away from their system.

NARRATOR: Number two.

- New England has seven different players with multiple rushing or receiving touchdowns, tied for the most in the NFL. Over the last three games, Brady is completing 71 percent. Isn't it every year that we question New England in September and then they make major jumps in October and November? That's what happens when you have the best teacher in the NFL, Bill Belichick.

NARRATOR: Number one.

- I don't think right now you can argue that the number one team in the NFL is Philadelphia. Not only do they have top five in rushing offense, top five in rushing defense, but listen to this number with Carson Wentz. In the red zone. This is a baby, right? He's only been playing this game for about 25 games. In the red zone this year, 15 red zone passing touchdowns. No interceptions. Best in the NFL. To get that kind of efficiency from a quarterback midway through his second year, you are looking at an all-time player. Left tackle worries me, Jordan Hicks hurt at linebacker, But I think Philadelphia, who we picked to win the division, you scoffed, you laughed, I think they're the best team in the NFL.

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Herd Hierarchy: Colin’s Top 10 NFL teams after 2017-18 Week 10
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